1. I just wondered... Has anyone out there been in trouble due to anything on facebook? On my old unit we took care of VAD (ventricular assist device) pts, and they are in and out all the time so you really get to know them in and out of the hospital in some cases. I was taking care of a pt who I was also friends with out side of work. My mom worked with me on the same unit as a secretary and he wanted to get a picture with us after I had discharged him. So we all took the picture and he said to make sure we tagged him on facebook, which we did. Someone that we were friends with on fb and worked with took it to management. We both got suspended with pay for a week pending the investigation and eventually fired. During the investigation they never contacted the patient, and when he found out he was very upset. I just wondered if anyone else had been through this. It has opened a new door for me though b/c I am going to do some travel nursing.
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  3. by   mentalhealthRN
    That is rediculous. You had the consent of the patient. I would take that to an attorney. Have the patient/friend write a letter to the facility and provide a copy to the attorney. Sometimes people get carried away with this whole HIPAA thing and penalize people when there was no breech of anyones confidentiality. Geesh!!!
  4. by   silentRN
    It all comes down to HIPPA violations.
  5. by   aspire2inspire
    Hi LadyTiger44,

    I'm sorry that this happened to you, but thankfully your closed door transformed into an open window of opportunity for you! HIPAA regulations are so strict that I wouldn't dare engage in any public contact with current or former patients on social networking sites. When it comes down to it, it's just not worth it. Like the person who reported you, there are scavengers out there ready to devour your career and leave you with nothing. Therefore, we must not leave any crumbs on the table if you know what I mean. You're not alone though; many people today are finding themselves in trouble with their jobs and relationships because of the lack of discreetness on social networking sites. Let this be a lesson for anyone reading! Thanks for sharing your story.
  6. by   joanna73
    I had a friend post a rather innocent comment on fb, related to the unit. The friend was questioned, but nothing severe happened as a result. While fb is supposed to be "outside" work, everyone knows it isn't. In order to avoid issues with employers, I avoid posting anything about work, or nursing. The fact is, all content on the net is public domain. Why make even potential problems for ourselves? Not to mention, we all are familiar with the code of ethics and standards. Posting about work in any detail just equals problems.
  7. by   cecilsgirl
    this is a little different, but this person got suspended, on fmla,--- on a "Party bus" for a bridal shower,- talking on facebook, about the party and fun time she was having.. ( fmla for self illness) yep!!! not a smart move.
  8. by   classicdame
    someone in our hospital was fired for a similar incident. Best to keep work things at work.
  9. by   SCnurse2010
    I wouldn't have posted the picture. If the patient posted it and tagged you, that makes it clear the patient agrees. I can see being friends with someone you've cared for, especially since I'm in a relatively small town and a small town hospital. But again, leaving it in the patient's hands to choose to post takes it out of your hands. GL with your new position.
  10. by   MissKayRN
    I'm really careful about facebook and other social network sites in general. My page is 100% private, only my friends can see any of my pictures or postings. I also do not add people from work unless we are really good friends outside of work as well, and I never mention work or nursing on my page. Too worried about things I say after a bad day coming back to haunt me!

    I have to say, though, that I have thought about this dilemma before. I work at an LTAC and have one repeat patient that I have formed a friendship with at work. I often want to add this person to my FB so that we can keep in touch in between their visits, but I have worried about crossing professional lines.
  11. by   AgentBeast
    It'll be very hard for me to get in trouble facebooking considering I'm not even on Facebook.
  12. by   msjellybean
    I made a comment on mine last night about how upset I was for floating the second night in a row when it wasn't my turn and that I was tired of our floor being treated like the second float pool.

    I got an email from my manger this morning about being careful of what you post on facebook. Someone that I work with is a tattle tale. And oh was I angry when I read her email. I'm sorry, it's my personal space, I never mentioned the hospital by name (which were the stipulations they gave us) and oh yeah, it's my own space.
  13. by   flashpoint
    Facebook is a great example of the law not keeping up with technology. Situations are popping up faster than the legal system can make laws about them and situations are popping up faster than employers can make policies about them.

    Personally, I think the OP got cheated. A patient took a photograph of her, her mother, (and himself?) and posted it on Facebook. OBVIOUSLY the patient was OK with this. Did the post say anything about why he was in the hospital? Did the OP or her mother comment on the post? If not, I think the hospital was way out of line. People can't help what other people post and it sounds as if the OP and her mother were doing nothing wrong in the photo, so it seems very unfair to me.

    But...I make a point of not commenting about anything work related on Facebook. When I comment here, I change a detail or two (maybe patient's gender or when it occured) to de-identify the patient a bit. We once had a nurse post something like, "RIP John Smith...I hope you are surrounded by those you love in Heaven" and if the family hadn't "loved it" she would have been in big trouble.

    It doesn't sound like the OP was at fault at all in this case, but a lot of people who are "fired by Facebook" are.
  14. by   Belle Epoque
    Facebook is for SOCIAL networking not PROFESSIONAL networking. If you are using it for the wrong reasons then I have no sympathy for whatever trouble you get yourself into. NOTHING that you put on the internet is private, no matter what your settings tell you. Heed this advice each and every time you post anything on the internet and you will not get into trouble. Ignore it and you deserve whatever you have coming.