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Hi, I'm thinking about giving flu shots for a little extra income this fall and was wondering if anyone has any pointers or feedback on their experience. Thanks, Jules... Read More

  1. by   tkhayman
    I am doing a flu shot clinic and only do 1 or 2 a week. The agency pays $25/hr. They give me a bag with all the supplies i need and a cooler with the vaccine. I only need to be there half hour before to set up and it is really easy to do. The bag is on wheels so i do no have to worry. Supplies are; needle box, bandaid, gauze, anaphylactic kit, gloves, purell, lollipops, syringes and needles, office supplies, clipboard.
    So far i like it and they do have malpractice insurance to cover me, although i always have my own.
  2. by   SharonH, RN
    Quote from lindarn
    I guess that they find enough suckers who are willing to sell their professional services for HS dropout wages.

    Lindarn, RN, BNSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington

    Unfortunately, you are right. I worked for Maxim doing clinics a few years ago and they were paying $25/hr. This year they are paying $16/hr. I hung up because easy or not, it's the principle of the matter. When I worked for them back then, they made well over $2000 dollars per 3-4 hour clinic and they administered hundreds of clinics around the city. And out of that money,they paid the nurses a total of less than $250 dollars. That's a pretty sweet deal........for the company. Now multiply that by Maxim branches around the country. Whew! A friend of mine who went to their orientation anyway said that one of the guys in the office confided to her that they made over 3 million dollars profit doing the clinics last year out of the Atlanta branch alone. Well they won't be doing it with my help.
  3. by   SharonH, RN
    Quote from Retired R.N.
    Would you rather stay away and complain or volunteer a few hours of your time and serve as a goodwill ambassador for the nursing profession?

    Wha-, wha-, WHAT?!! What are you suggesting?
  4. by   J3LLYB3AN
    Maxim the the SF Bay Area only pays $20/hr for the flu clinic. I wouldn't have even gone to the interview if I knew that's how much they were paying.