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    I know most healthcare people are not very fond of E.R., but I ws just wondering if anybody watched the last episode. The lady from "Sex and the Cityy" was a guest star. She played a stroke victim.
    I really thought that it showed the difference between the nurse and the doctor during that episode. Even though the doctor spoke to the patient, it was the nurse who seemed to be able to "read" the stroke victim's mind, even though the pateint couldn't say a word.

    Would anyone agree with that assesment? (Or do most of you think it was way off base?)
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  3. by   CVnurse08
    I am only a pre-nursing student but I watched the episode and really enjoyed it and I did notice the diff. in doc and nurse treatment of the pt. Good episode all around, I thought.
  4. by   z's playa
    Nurses are trained to anticipate what a pt is most likely feeling or could be feeling during certain procedures and although she wasn't reading the pt's mind, she certainly seemed to hit the nail on the head didn't she?
  5. by   Biffs25
    i was a little pissed off about the comment made "she's just the nurse, maybe she doesn't know" in relation to the patient seeing the nurse smile and not the doctor, and how the lack of a smile related to her condition.

    And personally i think the whole reading of the mind thing was a little over-exaggerated.
  6. by   sunnyjohn
    Yes... She did hit the nail on the head....

    It made me think...... How many of us who work in the hospital have actually thought of what it is to see the facility (and the people in it) from the patient's point of view.....

    I could not help noticing how different the ER set looked when the camera was showing the stroke patient's p.o.v.

    needless to say the patient spends alot of time on his/her back looking up at the ceiling....

    I have been a patient, but that episode made me change by perspective.
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  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    It IS quite different on the other side of the bedrail. All of us as nurses would do well to remember that.
  8. by   miya
    Quote from Biffs25
    i was a little pissed off about the comment made "she's just the nurse, maybe she doesn't know" in relation to the patient seeing the nurse smile and not the doctor, and how the lack of a smile related to her condition.
    I noticed that comment too. But that probably also hit the nail on the head in that many patients probably under-appreciate the role of nurses in the healthcare setting. A lot of people probably do think, "she's just a nurse."

    I love that show though. Been watching it since high school. Actually made me want to be a nurse in the first place (think Nurse Hathaway).
  9. by   sunnyjohn
    That may be how people see it. Think about it. Our society is set up to respect doctors. Such a big deal is made out of the fact that the doctor studies for so long that people forget that there are other health care professionals who train as hard and are just as dedicated.

    (Not taking anything away from doctors... I think they are great people)

    Anyway, remember that the other doctor in that scene (Abby) was a nurse at one point. It was former "Nurse Lockhart" in comparison with "Dr. Lockhart" that drew the greatest level of contrast for me.

    I think the point was to show the way in which different healthcare professionals approach patient care.

    No, she is not, "just a nurse".....

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  10. by   bobnurse
    I used to love ER until they killed off dr. green.......THen that was it for me......
  11. by   proudmommielpn
    Something they keep forgetting, nurses make doctors look good!
  12. by   FORDGRAD78
    I didn't see that particular episode...usually I catch the re-runs during the day. I have seen the network show during the evening and I tend not to like it as much as the earlier episodes. Carrie, Dr. Ramono, Dr. Green, Abby, and the rest of the group hold my interest more. The show makes for great background din when I am writing my reports (believe it or not!)
    As far as the comment 'just a nurse' is concerned, hey, once you know your worth as a nurse, that sort of comment just rolls off of you and down into the floor drain where it belongs.
  13. by   cathy2005
    i saw the show i was off that night and watching that episode with my 15 year old daughter who was asking me what was going on what they were doing the nurse showed more compassion ,concern than the dr kovach .did !!!! iam in school for lpn graduate in may of 2005. hmm! you know when your nurse when you can diagnose pts on tv show and even know treat them !
  14. by   Spidey's mom
    I watched it too and I actually thought it showed how no one really made much of an effort to treat the patient as if she could still hear and think. They mostly talked over her and made little eye contact. I really thought it did a good job of showing how isolated she felt. Maybe the nurse did a little more but for the most part, this poor lady was all alone.

    I love ER. I've watched it since the beginning. I don't watch it for med errors though - I like the storylines.

    I too miss Dr. Green . . . . . .

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