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    Why do so many nurses seem to dislike working in Med/Surg

    :) Within one year after graduation, I came back to California. My experience on a Med-Surg Unit during training and after graduation placed me well beyond the training and knowledge of nurses I worked with here. Yes, you do see any and everything in Med-Surg. I found that working the night shift was my preference. At night you don't have the MD rounds, administrative types, visitors, etc., to get the way of patient care. It is a great training area for nurses who want to work in other specialties, including discharge planning or case management, especially if you want to be an Independent CM.

    ER the T.V. Show

    OOOOH thank you. I thought I was in the twilight zone yesterday a.m. I just got satelite direct TV. All of the station numbers are different. I tuned in to what I thought was TNT. As I watched the show for a few minutes I just didn't understand what was happening. It seemed as if the feed was coming in from Planet Neptune and I had been taken back in time. Alas, I didn't burn anymore brain cells on trying to figure out what was happening. I just turned it off. Thanks. Your post cleared the mini-mystery that was floating in the arachnid spaces of my mind. :chuckle

    ER the T.V. Show

    I didn't see that particular episode...usually I catch the re-runs during the day. I have seen the network show during the evening and I tend not to like it as much as the earlier episodes. Carrie, Dr. Ramono, Dr. Green, Abby, and the rest of the group hold my interest more. The show makes for great background din when I am writing my reports (believe it or not!) :) As far as the comment 'just a nurse' is concerned, hey, once you know your worth as a nurse, that sort of comment just rolls off of you and down into the floor drain where it belongs.

    ROLL CALL - Case Managers!!!

    :Melody: My first time here. I'm an independent CM in Southern California. I do a combination of field and telephonic for my contract insurers. My opinion: the only way to fly, but you have to have the stamina to hang in.