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  1. by   hica19
    I am still a new grad nurse (been working as a RN for 2 months). I really like the 12 hour shifts. It's only 4 hours longer than a 8 hour, but you get an extra day off. I've also done 8 hours before as a student nurse (final semester preceptorship). Whatever type of shift you have, you always will have good days and bad days.
  2. by   JRapha'sRN
    I love working 12s. I only have to work 3 days in a week and if I want to pick up more, it's easier to get overtime (since I have 4 more days in the week to do it!) I'm pregnant now and will probably try to find someone to split shifts with for a while after maternity leave, especially while pumping.
  3. by   redem2
    I used to work 8, 12, even 16 if needed but that was when I was younger. Before my MLOA I was on 12 and been miserable. I worked 2
    days a week split then. I can't imagine how my body could do 12's when I come back. It sure takes a toll on the body after all these 34 years.
  4. by   outcomesfirst
    Yahoo! Almost 200 votes!!!!! Great Comments - Keep'em coming!
  5. by   CHATSDALE
    i have worked 8.12,16 i like the days off...when working weekend option i really enjoyed being off..some of the other nurses had weekday jobs, but that is just too much, for me anyway
    work what you are comfortable with..everyone has to make their own decisions based on health, family, shifts available etc
  6. by   Leselberry
    While I have no experience right now, I will be starting 12s as a CNA in January. I am still going to school to become an RN, so I don't know how this is going to work. I was hoping to get 8s, but 12s is what I got. Hopefully, it won't be too painful.
  7. by   wjf00
    I would never take a 12 hour position. I WORK 12 hour shifts often, but because I am an 8 hour postion, my last 4 hours are OT. I am not sure where all the people who are working 12 hour shifts are from, but in CA overtime after 8 hours is state law. So 12 hour nurses must waive their right to OT. Giving back my OT rights makes no sense to me, OT is practically guaranteed as most everyday I am asked to work over. Why work for $56/hr when I can work for $84/hr, or I can just say no thanks and go home if I am not up to it.
  8. by   grammyr
    I will only work 12's and I have 7 years experience
  9. by   outcomesfirst
    umpiron: Yahoo - past 200! You guys are terrific!!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   Chaya
    My choice is not listed. I would prefer 2 8's and 2 12's (=40 hr) and have 5-10 yrs exp.
  11. by   pineapple lump

    Prefer 8hr shifts...20+ years experience
  12. by   elizabeth321
    so when do we get the results?

  13. by   outcomesfirst
    Quote from Chaya
    My choice is not listed. I would prefer 2 8's and 2 12's (=40 hr) and have 5-10 yrs exp.
    Split shifts was not an option here, but I value your comments! Thank you!