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Hi I sometimes work in a pretty good unit of co-workers and the question came up from another young nurse that she'd prefer to wear dresses again instead of pants stated it looked more... Read More

  1. by   gwenith
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    There is some pretty convincing research that proves that you are far more likely to sustain a back injury if you lift wearing dresses than pants.

    That for me is the end of the argument - I am not doing my back in for fashion.

    How sensible!! Practical, even...but, please, tell me, if you don't mind a nosy
    Yank asking, WHERE did you find this research?? I'm ALWAYS looking for evidence based stuff to throw at my tutors, because it really makes them

    I agree that scrubs are comfort all the way, but the hospital won't allow us to wear scrubs if we are NOT on a surgical ward...so, we have to wear our uniforms, and usffer in silence...anyway, thanks!!

    I have been looking on both the ANF and the QNU websites and can't find this but I can tell you that it is so well accepted over here that virtually no-one wears dresses anymore.

    In fact it is only common sense you bend differently when you wear a dress. If you want to move patients (we have a no lift policy) you have to stand with you backside out. You can not do this is a dress- skirt yes dress no.

    As for evidence based practice try this site http://www.joannabriggs.edu.au/about/homeAlt.php#
  2. by   z's playa
    Quote from Pat53
    If someone wants to wear a dress, that's ok with me.

    I think where I work most all wear scrubs. One female wears a few outfits that remind me of pajama top and bottom. I've never seen the type she wears in any catalog or store.

    What I don't like is seeing someone wear white knee highs with a dress or long shorts (which are allowed in the summer).

    Hehehehe :chuckle Sounds like the outfit I wore for halloween! (white nursie dress with knee highs) Only I wore knee high boots...the only time a girl can dress up as a street walker and get away with it is at halloween. NOT implying nurse's dresses all look trashy...you had to see this one.
  3. by   sunflowerstate
    I think people should wear whatever they like and feel comfortable in, however I do think nurses look more professional with some whites. I wear various print and colored tops with white pants and jackets. This way I enjoy feeling comfort, with some color, but patients know I am a nurse, not a cafeteria worker. I don't care to look as if I am in pajamas all the time. You can hardly find a dress. I would say that was optional.