Dream Job???

  1. How many of you are working exactly where you want to be or doing what you always wanted to do???

    Are you in the area of nursing you always dreamed of being...or did you settle for something else due to location, pay, better benefits, etc...

    I was just curious to hear your thoughts on the subject!!

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  3. by   justanurse
    I started in the best job I've had so far. This past summer I transferred to our float pool in a new position. A "teacher" position. Which means each paycheck a set amount of money is taken out and placed in a "savings" account so that I when I take an extra 8 weeks off a year I can receive a full paycheck. I also retain my full-time status, full benefits, essentially top-out pay where I work, & my regular 2 months off a year.

    So I essentially get 4 months off a year with pay and make what I made last year before I got a good raise.

    I work day shift, some weekends, and am sssssssoooooooo much less stressed than when I did Charge on our CCU/tele units. I now actually go to work with a smile on my face that isn't plastered on & I enjoy it again. And, my family loves it.
  4. by   CashewLPN
    Well, I went from LTC rehab, to inpatient rehab... Why?

    Better benefits... I needed insurance.... I needed less patients... went from 30:1 to 10:1...

    I took a bit of a pay cut... 4bucks/hr less, but, I like it more... I've always loved the rehab though...
  5. by   nicola
    I have really mixed feelings about where I am now. About a year ago I left direct care for a supervisory position. Now I sup HHA's in the field. The up side - and this is powerful enough to keep me here! - is that I have good pay and bene's, 9-5 hours, no w/e's or holidays and can manage my job description in the hours I work.

    On the flip side, sometimes I feel like I'm not a "real" nurse anymore. I got into this profession to do direct care and spent many years in home care. I was driven out by the unmanagable, unsafe case loads and by the tons of paperwork I had to deal with daily. I was in tears and my BS was up because I was killing myself to do the minimum.

    My dream job would be if I could do home care per diem and take only the number of clients I wanted to!
  6. by   davisll
    I am in my dream job as far as nursing goes, I am a School Nurse, and I love it. Long breaks off for holidays and summer. I would honestly say I love my job, I love the kids I get to work with and I love my piece of mind. NO WEEKENDS,
  7. by   PhantomRN
    My dream job would consist of sitting in an office shuffling papers, occasionally inservicing other nurses, writing new programs for others to use, reviewing data, oversee others in their duties, and be able ot have minimal socializing with admin people.
  8. by   BeachNurse
    I absolutely love my job. I am a Clinical Research Coordinator and work for a major Florida University. I coordinate study protocols. The hours are great- M-F with no nights, weekends, or holidays. My boss (a PA) is very laid back, and it's never any big deal if I have a Dr. appt, or if the kids have something going on. I am salaried, so there is no clocking in. If I leave for anything I just make up the time here and there, and I am not required to use PTO. The health and retirement benefits are great, too.

    I have some patient contact, but by no means on a daily basis. I have my own office, computer, etc. I feel like an important member of a team, not just a "body" there to get tasks done. I have a lot of autonomy here, and I love that.

    I work in a very academic setting. The physicians treat us as equals. I attend many conferences, grand rounds, etc. Our friendly pharmaceutical reps frequently sponsor luncheons, dinners at nice restaurants, etc. I also have some opportunities for travel (all expenses paid).

    If the pay were higher it would be my ultimate dream job, but for now it's quite nice!
  9. by   debbyed
    I can't think of any other type of nursing that I would enjoy as much as ER nursing and I work with a great bunch of people.
  10. by   KatWright
    I have been a nurse for 28 yrs, the last 7 yrs on an Oncology unit. I love it. It is so hard to explain, but our patients and their families are the best of any in the whole health care continuum. I am back in school but I don't have any plans to leave. I love it!!