Don't want to become a nurse anymore...

  1. Hi. I think I don't want to become a nurse anymore. I am currently taking a break from school, I am taking a semester off. Because I "felt like it." It was mostly for self-discovery and other personal reasons. I do not have any regrets at all for taking this break, though. Meanwhile, I am working in the retail field and I am loving it.

    I have 1 more year to go to finish my nursing program. I don't know if I want to go back. I am not sure if it is the break that is causing me to become lazy? or less interested in nursing? I, however, do want to complete school and get a degree in something. I am considering administration/HR department/business, or any office work... like receptionist/data entry/etc type... I am interested in that field... I already applied to hr management and reapplied to nursing... I'm waiting for an answer from the school. I'm trying hard to reignite my 'passion' for nursing like reading magazines, going on websites, but no... I don't feel anything. I feel like it's an obligation for me to finish the program for my parents. and also to prove to my uncle and his niece (who is finishing nursing this yr) that I can also do it. (I guess its my stubborness) Already, my uncle thinks his niece is better than I and that I would never get accepted to nursing and make it... I wonder if it is STUPID of me to abandon nursing all together and pursue another degree.... with only 1 year to go. I don't feel like I have any more interest in nursing, at all.

    Anyway, I just don't know what point I am getting to here... I guess, I just needed to let my concerns out. I just don't want to disappoint my parents, my grandmother, etc... but I just can't picture myself nursing... I feel like a failure. I don't think they would understand if I choose another degree when nursing = secure, stable, guaranteed job and well paying...
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  3. by   potatomasher
    Hi yawn,

    I feel for you friend. I had that feeling too while I was on my third year in the nursing school. It felt something like "I cannot do it anymore..." or "things were way back different then"... It took some long time to realize that I really have to finish my nursing because I have come that far already and the rewards after school are great (aside from the monetary rewards and the prestige).

    Think about this: You've survived the first years of the nursing and you're only 1 year away from your goal to become a nurse!

    But it all comes down to what your heart tells you...


  4. by   Lovely_RN
    I know for sure that I want to be a nurse and when I was on summer vacation I felt like if I never went back it would be fine.

    I think NS does that to a person.

    Go back and finish what you started because you have already put a lot of effort and time into it.

    It's one year of your life and once you are done and have the license you can go work in retail to your heart's content; Forever 21 isn't going anywhere (lol). However, you will have an almost guaranteed way to earn a decent income in case hard times hit.

    I know a lady who is an nurse- she got burnt out- and for years she would only work 1 day a week through the agency and the rest of the week she would work for Virgin Airlines.

    Eventually that job went kaput and she couldn't find work at another airline where she could make enough to get the bills paid. So she went back to nursing full-time. The moral of the story is that if she didn't have that license she may have lost her home and been incredibly stressed out trying to find a job that pays what she makes doing nursing.
  5. by   Lovely_RN
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  6. by   sleepyndopey
    Hmmm, you only have 1 year left? You're only 20? You might want to just finish the program so you can support yourself as a nurse while you pursue your other goals. Nursing has great flexability so you would be able to work different shifts, make great money and go to school for something you enjoy.
    Don't worry too much about having a "passion" for nursing. I never really had that, I just needed to do-something. I don't think it would be "stupid" to abandon the nursing thing if you really don't want to do it, but you may regret it in the future so make sure you think it over.
    Enjoy your youth and the privilege of having these choices to make.:spin:
  7. by   Alois Wolf
    Think about it this way: We're twenty some odd years old. Powers that Be willing, we have only lived a quarter of our lives up to this point. My advice to you is, finish your nursing try it out if you still don't like it continue nursing while going back to school to get a degree/cert. in something else that you think you would enjoy doing. It's always nice to have a fall back plan, but when everything is so pressured around you (especially when family is involved) it's easy to feel like you have failed. Don't allow that to happen above all else. You have to do what is right for you and what makes you happy. Don't let pride get in the way of that, but at the same time finish it out and try it on for size. You might be suprised. It's better to say that you tried something out before leaving it and never really knowing for sure.
  8. by   bagladyrn
    I'm going to take a slightly different tack here than the others. Nursing is too difficult of a career to pursue if you really don't want to be doing it. If another career path appeals to you, try it.
    I see that you are young, and since you don't mention otherwise, I'm assuming single and childless. Now is the time for you to try things on for size while you have no responsibilities and no one is dependent upon you. You should never base your life choices on competing with someone, as with your cousin.
    By the way, this is the same advice I gave to one of my foster sons who at 18 after high school announced that he was going to go and work with a traveling carnival! (I only spazzed for a couple of minutes). He did this for about two years and then went on to establish himself in a career.
  9. by   Shantas
    I also felt the same when I was going through nursing school. I was an adult student, I was a single mom with two kids. I was gonna drop out, then my teacher convinced me not to quit....I told her I would be just happy to get C in all my courses...just enough to pass!!
    But now I am a RN....I made it through Even though I told my daughter never go in to in any medical field but I am very proud that I am a RN and I make good money.....Its frustrating at times and the work it self is a bit dirty at times (cleaning poo, know!!) but at the end of the day I am able help sick people and it gives me enough to be able to provide a descent life for my family and my children
    Some people will abuse you but others will call you an angel and appriciate you for all the things you do for them.
    So try to finish may like it
  10. by   MIA-RN
    You are young. I say fly and be free. If you aren't committed to nursing then let it go. The education you have received will benefit you no matter what you do. Follow your heart--whatever major you end up in. Nursing will be there and you will come back to it later if its meant to be.
    Don't waste some of the best years you have doing something you don't like. Go have fun, learn something you are interested in and work where you feel happy.
  11. by   LeenRN
    My advice is if you think you have found something else that you have passion for besides nursing...then change your major. Nursing is the type of field where you have to have passion for it or you will hate it. You are young and there is nothing wrong with changing your mind. If you don't you may just end up changing your mind later and then having to go back to school after being out for a long time.
  12. by   NewRN2008
    tehre are so many times i have felt like that myself. all started this semester. like i have actually thought about quitting becuz its sooo much and pretty darn hard. i am slacking off more now because of it, and i know that is crappy, but i am just doing what i can do to get thru wednesday of this week, for a 6 day vacation. then HOPEFULLY (notice the speficic word), i can go back and finish out my 4 weeks left of 3rd semester and pass.

    its tough and its hard, and at one time, everyone i just know, everyone has wanted to quit, no matter what they say!
  13. by   jla623
    Personally, I think that you will find retail and entry level office work to get really old really quick. I would just finish the year and get your degree, even if it isn't what you want to do in the long run. Atleast it is always something to fall back on. I would hate to see you drop out after you are almost done only to regret it later.
  14. by   Carolyn44057
    I went back to school when I was 50 to fulfill my parents wishes that I finish nursing school. I had quit after one year of college when I was 19. I graduated 2nd in my class and felt relieved that I had "done it right" this time.
    I remember very well the day I graduated. It was the greatest feeling in the world that I was done and that "I don't have to do this if I don't want to." I knew that in my head, but I spent the whole summer crying and feeling guilty because I didn't have the passion for nursing that I expected to have. I also felt like I was letting everyone down and took a lot of flack from everyone but my husband.
    I did get my license but I made the decision to stay in my current job as a medical records coder. I was making $2.00 less than a starting RN and worked 8-4:30 Mon-Fri and no holidays, nights or weekends. I had a severely handicapped adult child who had been placed in his own home (right next door to me) with full time help. My husband and I were FINALLY going to be able to have a "life" together. The decision was EXTREMELY difficult.
    Eight months later my son had surgery and had postop complications resulting in a 4.5 month stay at the hospital and returning home with a trach, a feeding tube and a seizure disorder in addition to his previous disorders. Because I had finished school and gotten my license, I was able to quit my job at the hospital and work taking care of him through a nursing agency. The money I earned was like picking it off a tree in the back yard because it was something I needed to do anyway. It couldn't be a better job. Now, I am retired and I am an RN supervisor to the 5 LPN's that care for my son as independent nurses. I really believe that it was all part of God's plan that I become a nurse.
    You never know what your future will hold. You are only 20. Finish what you started and keep your license, even if you never work one day as a nurse. No one can take that knowledge from you. And if you don't go in to nursing, don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't a "real nurse".
    Sorry this is so long, but I had to comment. I know how I suffered with that decision and I really feel for you and others who are going through this experience.
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