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  1. yawn

    CRNBC registration from Ontario

    sweet0176, Keep me updated, please. I also am moving to BC. I am moving next month to join my bf who moved there 3 months ago. I recently just sent my registration to CRNBC yesterday. Have you gotten any news from them yet? I also started applying on health authorities websites. I hope I will get hired!
  2. yawn

    Advice: From Ontario to BC (BC Children's)

    rockstarjk: How did you get the job at BC Children's? Was it through the online application? Did you call them? I am a new grad and I really really want to relocate to B.C. They say the job market is not great in BC right now, do you think it is true?
  3. Hi. I have a job interview with a head nurse of the peds medical inpatients unit. I would like to know what are the common medical conditions seen on a medical floor for pediatric patients? Thank you very much. I am Graduating in June. :yeah:I am very excited to specialized in peds.
  4. Hi. I think I don't want to become a nurse anymore. I am currently taking a break from school, I am taking a semester off. Because I "felt like it." It was mostly for self-discovery and other personal reasons. I do not have any regrets at all for taking this break, though. Meanwhile, I am working in the retail field and I am loving it. I have 1 more year to go to finish my nursing program. I don't know if I want to go back. I am not sure if it is the break that is causing me to become lazy? or less interested in nursing? I, however, do want to complete school and get a degree in something. I am considering administration/HR department/business, or any office work... like receptionist/data entry/etc type... I am interested in that field... I already applied to hr management and reapplied to nursing... I'm waiting for an answer from the school. I'm trying hard to reignite my 'passion' for nursing like reading magazines, going on websites, but no... I don't feel anything. I feel like it's an obligation for me to finish the program for my parents. and also to prove to my uncle and his niece (who is finishing nursing this yr) that I can also do it. (I guess its my stubborness) Already, my uncle thinks his niece is better than I and that I would never get accepted to nursing and make it... I wonder if it is STUPID of me to abandon nursing all together and pursue another degree.... with only 1 year to go. I don't feel like I have any more interest in nursing, at all. Anyway, I just don't know what point I am getting to here... I guess, I just needed to let my concerns out. I just don't want to disappoint my parents, my grandmother, etc... but I just can't picture myself nursing... I feel like a failure. I don't think they would understand if I choose another degree when nursing = secure, stable, guaranteed job and well paying...
  5. yawn

    Diploma RN to BScN

    I am also interested in this! Anybody have any information?
  6. Hello everybody !!! :) I am currently in a cegep (college) in Montreal, Qc. (in nursing) I will have to pass the OIIQ (the QC nsg association) to be able to work as a real nurse in Qc. However, I don't plan on working in Quebec... If I pass this exam, will I be able to work elsewhere in Canada? Or must I pass the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination also? That wouldn't be really fun to do 2 exams! And oh, do I really have to pass the qc exam? What if I decide to do the Canadian one right after getting my diploma.... (since I don't plan on working in Qc...) Will there be consequences? I heard that you won't ever be allow to work in Qc as a nurse ever. The Canadian exam is in June... While the Qc one is in September!!! Anyway, any thoughts, replies will be appreciated!
  7. My father, a week ago, was about to lift something up but he didn't do it right or did it too fast... maybe he jammed it too hard. He, himself, didn't know how it happened... but a few minutes after he did so, he complained about the pain... the next day, the thumb was swollen, red, and he had difficulty moving it... are these signs of a fracture... perhaps a sprain? Now, he says it still hurts but he can "tolerate" it and he manages to use his thumb. He is scared to go see the doctor because it might mean he'll have to go off work and he really needs his thumb. I keep telling him to go to the doctor but he won't listen to me. And if I manage to make him do so, what kind of doctor should he see? Can he simply see a family doctor? And what happens if he doesn't get treatment.... can it heal on its own. Im not even sure if the bone is broken, or if it's the ligament... or what not... I'm worry for him. Sorry, Im not even sure if I'm allow to post this in the nsg forum. Any feedback would be appreciate. Thank you.
  8. I would like any help or info about the steps used to change a dressing... (how to open a sterile package... when to wear/change gloves??? and what type of gloves? sterile or clean?... do we have gloves on to open the garbage bag from the package? which step do we take off the old dressing? and clean the wound? etc)... Also, I would like more explanation on the 1 and 1/2 inch border of the sterile field... When we open the sterile package, can we leave the end of our forcep on the 1 and 1/2 inch border, so that we can later just pick it up? or is nothing allowed at the border?? if so, how do we get the forcep without contaminating the field? Oh and why is there two forceps? There's one when we halfway open the sterile package, and the other one inside the tray... Which one is used to clean the wound? We are using the no touch technique... we clean with the forcep... But Im confuse... Thanks in advance! I will obviously have to go practice when the labs are open.
  9. Hello. Nice to meet everyone :) First post! I live in the Montreal area and this is my second semester in Nursing and it is in this semester that we started clinical. In fact, we started two weeks ago and we go to clinical once a week. We do basic things like bathing, vital signs, making the beds..... My question is... can I work this summer at a hospital or a rehab even though by that time, i will only have about 45 hours of experience? Can I take a job as an orderly (since I think what Im learning this semester is what they do also) ? I just want to have more experience and also make some money for next year's books and schooling, and this summer is a good opportunity to do so. If I can't find a job in the hospital that will pay, then I will volunteer a few of my hours and find another type of job elsewhere. Another question, if I have no choice but to volunteer instead, is it possible to volunteer as an orderly or nursing assistance? Anyway... thanks in advance!