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Can u work everywhere in Canada when passing qc nsg exam?

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Hello everybody !!! :)

I am currently in a cegep (college) in Montreal, Qc. (in nursing)

I will have to pass the OIIQ (the QC nsg association) to be able to work as a real nurse in Qc. However, I don't plan on working in Quebec... If I pass this exam, will I be able to work elsewhere in Canada? Or must I pass the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination also? That wouldn't be really fun to do 2 exams! And oh, do I really have to pass the qc exam? What if I decide to do the Canadian one right after getting my diploma.... (since I don't plan on working in Qc...) Will there be consequences? I heard that you won't ever be allow to work in Qc as a nurse ever. The Canadian exam is in June... While the Qc one is in September!!! Anyway, any thoughts, replies will be appreciated!

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I can tell you that you will definitely have to pass the OIIQ exam before you can work anywhere else in Canada. You have to be registered by the province in which you obtained your nursing education in order to be registered anywhere else. Quebec requires the OIIQ exam for registration, ergo you must write it and pass to be registered elsewhere. I don't know for certain but I suspect that you will also have to write the CRNE. (Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.) Your conundrum is just another little nicety of living in a "distinct society". You have my sympathies.

Hello everybody !!! :)

to be able to work as a real nurse in Qc.

What's a "real nurse"....

Hi Yawn...I too did my studies in Montreal...at Vanier. Ask the OIIQ...the Quebec order of nurses...they know which provinces, and which States will honour the Quebec nursing license. Good luck!

They have a web site...sometimes the information is posted.

No US state can honor the Canadian license anymore for reciprocity since the requirement of the Visa Screen Certificate. Passing of the NCLEX-RN is required to be able to get the Certificate.

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