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Ok, so my 2 year old nephew stuck a wheel from his toy car up his nose, then wouldn't let his dad get it out. I was trying to help my brother get the toy out of his nose from 9 time zones away. In a... Read More

  1. by   jilliebean
    Son#3, then 4 years old, also put a Lego up his nose, trip to Dr to remove it, even sneezing wouldn't blast it out.
    Few months later, he smashed once of those plastic bubbles that you get junk in from a gumball machine, and shoved a shard of that in his ear.
    took a trip to the ER to get that thing out.
  2. by   Sonn
    A kid had been complaining that his head rattled every time he moved. A year later his mother took him to the doctor who suspected their might be something stuck in his ear. He came to OT and we removed a little dolls eye, you know the plastic stick on eye with the moveable pupil that rattles when the eye moves. Golly, we felt sorry for the kid because his family didn't believe his "head" was rattling and he had lived with this sound for sooo long.
  3. by   Kim O'Therapy
    My daughter did the Tic Tac up the nose trick at the age of three. I called after-hour care and the nurse said to go to the ER because it would not blow out and I couldn't get it out. She had us go to the ER so my daughter would not aspirate it. Well, after a three hour wait in the ER, we finally got back to the doctor and he looked up her nose. Wouldn't you know, the Tic Tac had dissolved by then. $50 copay for three minutes with the doc.

    (This is a little off topic)

    The worst injury so far with my kids is when my same daughter was four. She was playing on a slip-n-slide with her little friends and slipped, accidentally landing her into a split. She kept complaining her "peepee" hurt; however, I could not see anything wrong with the area around her urethra. Took her into the pediatrician later in the day (thinking UTI) and he discovered that when she slipped, she had given herself an episiotomy. That was a horrible afternoon and I will never forget what she went through (stitches, etc.)
  4. by   missninaRN
    My daughter took a small piece of foam from the insole of a dress shoe and shoved it up her nose with the help of a house key. It took several people holding her down at the urgent care center to get it out.
    My sister stuck the beads from an entire faux pearl necklace up her nose, one bead at a time. (My mother had given the broken necklace to her with the warning, "Do not put the beads in your mouth or ears." She forgot to mention the nose.) The doctor was never certain that he got all of them, and said that she might have some beads in her sinuses for the rest of her life. (Is that even possible?)
  5. by   sunbeach73
    Kim O Therapy, when my daughter was a baby something similar happened to her. I was letting her play in the bathtub...she was like 9-10 months old. Her toothbrush was an adult soft bristle toothbrush...(she liked chewing on it in the tub) Somewhere along the line, it broke in half and she totally pitched a fit for it. So I gave it back to her. She was at the stage where she was walking on her own, just barely, but walking on her own. I turned my back for one second to get a towel for her and she started screaming. I turn to see the water turning pink. I was only 17 at the time and totally freaked out. After examining her, she had landed on the toothbrush when she plopped back into the tub, cutting her vagina area, just below the urethra. I was so scared, but the bleeding stopped and it didn't need stitches. I'll never forget that. I learned a valuable lesson as a teen mom though. Never EVER take your eyes off a baby in the tub.
  6. by   naturalcuriosity
    A friends daughter (5 years old) took a couple beads off of a decorated pillow and stuck them up her nose. She got one of them out. The other was stuck so high it was whistiling when she would breathe! She went to the doctor for that one and he covered one nostril and told her to blow and it went acrossed the room.

    When we were kids my sister stuck a pen cap up her nose once and several peas another time. Eww.
  7. by   MIA-RN1
    I worked at a daycare and a 2 or 3 year old little guy stuffed his nostrils full of pastina (The really small little pasta beads) during lunch (yes they were cooked) no one knew what to do so they called the mom. She was used to it apparently because she came in, leaned him back and blew forcefully into his mouth. The pastina flew out everywhere!
  8. by   BabyRN2Be
    A very long time ago, my little brother found this little bug that made a clicking sound. He was about 3 y.o. and was enthralled with the sound the little bug would make. To get a better listen, he put the bug into his ear, and the little bug made himself (herself?) at home right up about against my brother's tympanic membrane.

    After a little while, my brother got tired of the private little bug concert going on in his ear. He finally admitted to my mom what he had done, saying, "I wanted to hear the 'click bug' go 'click'."

    Mom (who was an RN) tried in vain to get the little critter free of my brother's outer ear canal, much to the consternation of my little brother. One trip to the ED later, the little bug was freed via an ear syringe, lots of sterile water (and/or saline) and a little forceps looking thing (don't know what it was, but that's what it looked like), to free now waxy insect from his temporary domicile.

    Ever since then my little brother has decided to keep even the most fascinating bug away from bodily orifices, and has gone on to bigger and better ED trips.
  9. by   SilentfadesRPA
    2 scenes from the past ..........

    When I was in third grade there was a kid named Hiller(changed to protect the guilty LOL) who sat ahead of me and had this obsession with using anything to pick his nose ---
    I was grossed out for weeks watching this daily event. Being part jew and catholic I felt double guilty as I was hoping that the nun would catch him. But she never did. He had the timing of when she turned to the blackboard he was digging deeper daily.
    Well Hiller borrowed my eraser one day and before I knew it was furiously using MY NEW ERASER for another excavation project. So I did what any boy would do - when the nun turned her back I hit him in the back of the head. It was my yell of where is my eraser that got the nuns attention initially. It was up his damn nose.
    All the nuns in the school came out of nowhere promising him chocolate milk and prayer cards if he would hold still. Yet they were staring at me with the fires of hell. I remember the sirens, the EMS,and the blood gushing from his nose. I still wanted my eraser but SISTER had called and there was my mother was standing in the door of the classroom with that index finger saying over and over come here .............

    Needless to say it was hard sitting in class the next AM. To make it woorse when Hiller with that bruised nose and crooked smile walked into the class room he tossed me and I caught my used eraser.

    The second strange events my mother was going to law school and in her studies took my kid brother who was 18mo in the yard placed him in a playpen and began to read ........she noted he was vigourously chewing and went over swiped out his mouth and then after some close identification she identified a small but well mascerated hop toad (land frog) --pediatrician after laughing for a while said brother will be fine and he is.

    My mother is fine as well now a family court judge her hair all white as snow and states we boys are responsible for each strands color.

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  10. by   mrscurtwkids4
    When I was little, I put a colored pencil in my ear and the tip broke off. My mom had to pick me up from school and take me to the physicians office and he was able to get it out. Think he just used forceps or something like them to grab it out. Thank God I didn't puncture my eardrum or something. We can do stupid things as
  11. by   goats'r'us
    slightly gross one.. when my sister and i were little we were visiting family friends who had a son my sister's age (about 10 maybe). we were in his room, and he had a beanbag, and for some reason we started shoving the beans in out nose and then trying to blow them out at each other, which was fine, but the more we did it, the funnier it got till my sister accidentally laughed and snorted on well out of reach.
    cue mass panic, slight hysteria and a little hilarity.
    she ended up not being able to blow it out, so she sniffed and sniffed, and eventually coughed it out her mouth.
    after discovering the uncharted passage between nose and throat, she went on to become quite good at sniffing up spagetti, coughing it out, and 'flossing' between nose and mouth.
  12. by   loridoo
    One of my friend's sons decided to stick a pencil-top eraser in his ear. By the time his mom found out about it, the tissue in his ear had began to grow around the eraser - I believe it took same day surgery to get it out!!