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incomplete...i can deal with having an "i" on my transcript ---until the "incredible disappearing hesi scores" can be located. i know that i passed with or without that grade. i was prepared for... Read More

  1. by   kessadawn
    [font="book antiqua"]wow, that really sucks.

    my school pulled something similar. after all was completed, all grades were in, hesi was taken, and i has walked through graduation, i was waiting impatiently for both my actual diploma to arrive in the mail and my info from bon to come so i could set up my nclex. all my friends got stuff, registered for nclex, some had already taken it. i still had nothing. called bon, they had no info in my name (eek!!) so i called don of my program at my branch campus. she was already aware, and had been fighting with the don of all the campuses for me. seems that 10 years before i went to nursing school, the 1st time i was in college, i utilized the freshman forgiveness program to bring up my gpa because i had a d in english 2. (same college mind you) so in the 10 years that passed, they changed forgiveness policy, decided i couldn't grandfather, and wouldn't allow my earned credit in english! said i couldn't graduate but failed to notify me or my immediate program don! took 3 solid months of threatening to send my lawyer to her her office to finally get my diploma and register for nclex. that's 3 less months of income, as i had been living off student loans in college. took a while to get back on my feet, but it did all work out, so have hope and i know things will work out for you! you said it yourself...only 4 more months!:flowersfo
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    Quote from ohmygosh
    [font=courier new, courier, mono]incomplete...i can deal with having an "i" on my transcript ---until the "incredible disappearing hesi scores" can be located. i know that i passed with or without that grade. i was prepared for that to happen.....but i was not prepared for what happened next...i got home yesterday from a wonderful family get-together, i opened the letter and carefully read---it appears that you did not complete any of the courses you were registered for during the fall 2006 semester---yadda yadda--- the policies of department of education and x-community college states that an "i" is considered an "f" failure---(what the heck) --- and because you failed you are not eligible to receive any financial aid (grants,or loans)so we have cancelled [font=courier new, courier, mono]your financial aid for the spring semester!!!
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    [font=courier new]okay so this is the deal -- school is closed--until january 3rd --tuition is due january 4th --no financial aid means i cannot register --cannot pay tuition-- and the last time i checked it was impossible to pull money out of my a$$.
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    [font=courier new]why didn't someone in the nursing department contact someone-anyone in financial aid and tell them -students x,y and z --did not fail - they are receiving incompletes because, the stupid hesi test that we require them to pay for and take every semester has "lost" there scores--so we cannot complete their grades --but they still passed --do not cancel their financial aid!!!?? this would have been sooooo very simple. but not at x-community college --nothing is simple, its like a dog and pony show -- and dang-it i am tired of jumping through the flaming hoops.
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    [font=courier new]this school is the most unprofessional, inconsiderate institution i have ever dealt with. if we "the nursing students" were at a clincal facility and acted in the manner that the school does toward us --we would be kicked out of the program soooo fast! why are the students held to a higher standard than the college itself is??
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    [font=courier new]i have to keep thinking ---only 4 more months--only 4 more months --but at the rate things are going now--it will be much longer than that---because i have no money to pay tuition !!
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    [font=courier new]and i guess the thing that really burned my buns was "incomplete" is considered "failure" ---i did not fail nor did i fail to complete anything --the school failed to retreive my grades from hesi who failed to generate the scores!!!
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    [font=courier new]thanks for listening!
    i can feel my blood pressure rising just reading this! leave messages as well as emails at your schools registration offices, financial aid offices, your last semester instructors and your next semester instructors. get down to that school the minute it re-opens!
  3. by   Megsd
    I agree with leaving messages. I would also email the appropriate offices (financial aid and the bursar's office (where you pay tuition) if there is one). I worked in a bursar's office for a few years and hated when people called at or after a deadline and swore they had been trying to resolve a problem for X days. Having a timestamped message or email to refer to provides you with some evidence that you did try to resolve the problem in a timely manner.

    If it turns out that you can't handle everything by the deadline (worst case scenario) I would still try to attend your classes anyway if you are allowed. That way if you are reinstated into your classes later you have not missed any of the material. If you were to not go to classes at all and were reinstated they may not allow you to continue because you missed so much instruction time.

    Good luck to you. It sounds frustrating.
  4. by   clee1
    Sounds JUST like my NS. Disorganized, unprofessional...... How places like this stay in business I'll never know.

    Thank God I just graduated!
  5. by   nuberianne_RN
    Did you meet with the staff? Have you heard anything?
  6. by   carol72
    I recall reading your thread when it was new. May I ask how your problem was resolved? Hopefully it was - just asking.
  7. by   Ohmygosh
    :smiley_aa I am enrolled and financial was restored! I was very surprised that they were able to handle the situation so quickly. This was the ultimate exception to the rule for this school. Most likely because 40 of the 51 students in my class were affected by this mistake. The Hesi scores are still missing...they ended up having to change the grades to 100% for the entire class. The only problem that has not been resolved is my GPA-they changed the grade but failed to update my GPA. So that is next on my adenda-hopefully they will be as easy to deal with in resolving that problem. Thanks for everyones advise! It is nice to know that this community is here to help and listen when I need assistance. You guys ROCK!
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  9. by   sunnyjohn
    Great news!

    i was wondering what happened!
  10. by   nuberianne_RN
    That is great news! Now you can concentrate on making all A's this semester.