Does your facility still use Vest Restraints?

  1. Does your facility still use vest restraints?

    Why or why not?
  2. Poll: Does your facility still use Vest Restraints?

    • Yes, under very strict conditions.

      21.57% 11
    • No, Never.

      31.37% 16
    • Yes.

      43.14% 22
    • I don't know what our facility policy is re: vest restraints

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  4. by   Tweety

    We had a death by strangulation.
  5. by   pedseducator
    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    Does your facility still use vest restraints?

    Why or why not?
    Yes we do but we check the patient hourly.
  6. by   SCRN1
    The hospital I recently worked still uses posey vests, but I haven't seen any used in the hospital where I currently work.
  7. by   Bluehair
    No, due to concerns about possible injuries. We do use soft wrist restraints but those have very stringent observation/care criteria. Also have a body net for those that the wrist restraints are just not enough. With any of the above the priority is to do everything possible to remove restraints asap.
  8. by   nurse4theplanet
    Yes...we have posey vests available.

    The physican's order...a standardized restraint order...has to have what type of restraint is being used (soft limb, vest, etc.) clearly stated and why.

    The restraint policy applies to all restraints and is quite strict.

    Vest restraints are rarely used, as we find them laughably effective. Soft wrist restraints are most effective. However, if something more restrictive is needed...the result is usually that the nurse stays with the pt until they calm down or security is called for a violent pt.
  9. by   Franksters
    No, Thank God!!! I hate those things. They are dangerous and make the situation worse. It is human nature to struggle when you are tied down.
  10. by   Anagray
    as long as my hospital is going to continue spend tons of money on building new garage, new offices, etc. we will not have enough money for sitters
  11. by   RN BSN 2009
    the hopsital i'm rotating with does not use them because someone was strangulated
  12. by   Kim O'Therapy
    The facility I work at uses sitters; however, the hospital my mother was in put a vest on her one evening (she was confused d/t meds and dehydration). I offered to stay the night with her; however, they insisted that they had to have one of their own sitters stay with her. THEY LEFT THE VEST ON HER EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD A SITTER. Later that night, they phoned me saying she had been admitted to ICU d/t "respiratory distress" and intubated. I went to the ICU to check in on her and she was in soft wrist restraints and intubated. On my way out of the hospital, I stopped the sitter and asked her what had happened to my mother. She just shrugged her shoulders and said that "she just slipped down and quit breathing." I've always wondered if she went into distress d/t her condition, or if it was strangulation. My mother eventually died in hospice, but I still think about it alot. I just don't think there is a way to get the "truth", or if it really matters (in a court of law) since she had cancer anyway.
  13. by   All_Smiles_RN
    When restraints are used, it's for safety purposes only.
  14. by   burn out
    They are there if we need them but for the most part no one uses them..wrist restraints work better but even then our policy is to remain restraint free. If our patient is sedated on the vent we are not suppose to use even wrist restraints then until we start weaning the patient off.
  15. by   RNsRWe
    We've only used poseys WHEN a pt had a other words, they were SO hard to control (keep from hurting themselves or someone else) that the vest restraint was absolutely necessary. The patient wasn't in danger as the sitter was quite literally sitting next to them or across from them, and help could be summoned immediately. This is a pretty rare occurrence; even wrist restraints aren't used much.

    I remember a pt recently who had chemical and physical restraints and a sitter and it was all we could do to keep him from hurting himself or someone else. Mostly it was him we were concerned with. The vest kept him safer than wrists alone.