Does your employer recognize "Nurse's Day"? - page 3

Congratulations to all those "old" nurses, new nurses and nurses2b on Nurse's Day. Does your employer do anything special to recognize this day?... Read More

  1. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Nothing, nada. Not even a mention of it. I have a good boss. I wonder if she just overlooked it.
  2. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Oh yeah Hospital Week

    So much for the 10 pounds i lost. Thanks to Nurses' Week, 5 found their way back home.
  3. by   NsgTiger
    My place has hospital week, nothing special for nurses
  4. by   critcarenurse16
    We received a squirt bottle (so we don't have to take breaks) and a small potable FM scanner with earphones (so we don't have to hear them complain when we take breaks anyway)
  5. by   Tweety
    Our hospital recognizes something practically every week. Respiratory Therapist Week, Lab Week, Secretaries Week, Doctors Week, Dietary Week, Rehab Week, on and on and on. I can see why acknowledging Hospital Week only would be the way to go.
  6. by   Ortho_RN
    Well just so happens on nurses day our hospital had an Employee Picnic?? I guess that is there way of getting out of making it more personal. But they did give us a picnic style lunch and a 12pack of cokes... And Friday Chik Fil A had sent them a bunch of coupons just for nurses for a free chicken sandwich... Better than nothing
  7. by   CCL"Babe"
    Go Figure
    We got recognized on Secretary's Day :imbar
  8. by   tattooednursie
    Quote from ktwlpn
    I will be teaming up with the charge nurse on my sister unit next week and bringing in a nice lunch for the cna's....and I tell them frequently how much I appreciate and value them...
    You are so sweet!!! Us CNA's appriciate and value the nurses that value us . . . and bring us lunch tee hee

    We do celebrate hospital week at my facility. Theres a BBQ, dress-up days like pajama day, 50's day, and my favorite part . . . the staff olympics. Its so much fun.

  9. by   tylerlvn
    I am a student this year. Last year I worked for a home health company as a home health aide. I recieved a cool lunch box filled with goodies. I is nice just to be remembered. My kids really loved the candy.
  10. by   zambezi
    We also get recognized the whole week. Last night we got to pick a restraunt of our choice take out....tai food, yummy! We get plants one day, drawings for dinners, ice cream night, and there are a couple of other things also. We like it. :hatparty:
  11. by   Jailhouse RN
    No, not a single word. Like anybody really cares. Just another day in the eyes of the state. "Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?"
  12. by   nurseygrrl
    kea6783 ~ I'm moving to Virginia and can't wait. The people are so much more friendly that here in NY where I was born and raised. Hopefully they are nicer to their nurses too!

    Tweety~ Yeah, it does bite, but that's why staff retention is so low. The admin. doesn't know how to keep staff happy.
  13. by   PJRNC2
    Our main employer provided two paid educational days. A Workshop/Seminar setting where we will get 7.5 credit hours for each day!! (Bkft, snacks and lunch provided).