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I have heard so many stories about how hard nursing is and all there is to complain about, but does anyone enjoy their work? Please let's hear from someone who is glad they got into nursing and... Read More

  1. by   rnmania
    what is the starting salary of a nurse with an associate degree?
  2. by   SaderNurse05
    I have gone from hating my job on a Telemetry unit with a six patient load (more on occasion) to loving my job as a Case Manager in Public Health. I was not unhappy with nursing per se, but I felt used, abused and downright incompetent at times on the floor. It is less money in PH but for me it is worth it. PLUS when you consider things like retirement, insurance and the fact we can actually TAKE our leave it has made me a much happier camper. I think the secret it to find what makes you tick and go for it.
  3. by   perfectbluebuildings
    Quote from athena55
    Hello All! New to this site and I am very grateful that is out there...
    Have been a critical care RN for 30 years: First 6 in Trauma/ICU, next 15 in Oncology Critical Care, last 9 in Hospice. Right now I am newly commissioned 1 Lt. with Army Nurse Corps. I think being a Nurse is "a calling". Not everyone should be a nurse especially those people who can only think about the paycheck at the end of their shift. I guess I am a dinosaur, but that is how I feel.
    Would I do it all over again? You Betcha' [I would make sure I studied a bit harder and longer, smile, while I was in nursing school or a nursing program]
    Thirty years of frustration, tears, some fears but always thankful for my co-workers support. And yeah, I still suggest nursing as a career choice for those people who are truly interested an not just blowing smoke up my......
    Hope y'all have a healthy and blessed New Year
    Welcome!!! wow, with all that varied experience I would bet you have some stories to tell that I'd love to hear. you sound like a neat very caring nurse. take care!!
  4. by   lady_jezebel
    Not me.

    I realized last night that my patients & I are stuck in some kind of wierd type of hell together. The patient's dilemma is much worse of course, but it's no picnic pulling crap out of someone's butt for an hour via dig stims...

    Sorry for the crude attitude, just need to vent.
  5. by   nursemike
    Quote from lady_jezebel
    Not me.

    I realized last night that my patients & I are stuck in some kind of wierd type of hell together. The patient's dilemma is much worse of course, but it's no picnic pulling crap out of someone's butt for an hour via dig stims...

    Sorry for the crude attitude, just need to vent.
    Actually, it can be very like a picnic, but you do have to be careful to remember which hand is holding the sandwich.
  6. by   kersti
    I do love my job! I've been a nurse for 10 years (almost all on ICU) and I still take a deep breath when I walk into the hospital because I dig that smell!:chuckle
    I do tend to complain some, but it's more a way of venting, than really being fed up and wanting to pack it all in.
    As long as I can compassionately care about my pts. and be interested in what is happening on the job on a day to day basis, there is nothing that could make me regret picking this profession.
  7. by   twilite
    Ugh, no .. I feel working in nursing is equal to being in an abusive relationship. Been in nursing 28 years and am training to go into office work now. I haven't been this excited since I don't know when.
  8. by   japjam03
    I guess I agree with what every one else has said about loving their job. It ends up that we're a special group of people choosen to work this field of medicine. You have to hang on that truth to be able to endure this profession. And I know there are millions of patients who grateful that we all have stuck it out and do our best despite the trials that are against us!!! So give yourself a pat on the back, tell yourself your doing a good job because very rarely will you hear that from anyone else. Remember our traits are showing compasion, kindness, caring, hard-working, observants of fine details, servers to man-kind (and don't expect any thankyou's because we don't usually hear them). Mediators. An ability to show sympathy & empathy. To be able to cry with our patients and with their families Lover's of learning and teaching our fellow man kind. Perfectionists personalities (who are too hard on themselves). Thick skinned (a trait which is developed over a period of time in order to endure this profession}. Also, we're very good listeners & very wise from the experiences which we had to endure. So, if you've had a bad day, (imagine that could anyone could possibly have a bad day from nursing, haha) pat yourself on the back. And if I've missed anything add to the list.
  9. by   rnmania
    has anyone heard about the school BOCES that offers lpn?
  10. by   Chris2002
    I'm not a nurse yet, but I havent really met anyone who "loves" their job. What's that about ??!!
  11. by   memesuzRNC
    I rec'd a note from one of my patients that actually went through the unit manager. She mentioned 3 of her nurses and just ranted over all of us for making her recovery happen. I work on the rehab unit. She called me her "sympathetic helper". Made me feel good. That's when it's worth it....when someone says you have made a difference. We are so short staffed at our hospital. We have 69 nursing jobs open on our job listings! It's awful. For a while we had 12 openings for RN's in CCU. We had a bunch to walk out and now they are using a lot of agency nurses and that's somehting we usually don't use. We also have lots of flex pool nurses. Anyway it is a very honorable but difficult profession. I have so many health problems I'm not sure I can work much longer. Especially in rehab. It's really tough. My unit manager didn't bother to tell any of us about all the lifting. In fact she said that we had plenty of help to lift but we don't of course. We also have to many chiefs and not enough indians. Well you guys have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God Bless!
  12. by   Dinith88
    Some days i absolutely love it...

    Other days i absolutely hate it...

    Most days are in between.'s my opinion that once you 'get it in you' cant do anything else. Many nurses burn the candle at both ends, age more quickly than the general population, and require an occaisional adrenalin surge to keep them awake. And ***** about it alot.

    But they keep on coming after day...
    I think that (in a wierd way) even if they dont admit it, they love it.
  13. by   chadash
    I have always loved my job (I am a CNA), it is great to spend my days with such wonderful people. Geriatric patients especially are very authentic. They are what they are....and you know where you stand.
    I haven't always liked the attitudes of some in healthcare. I've seen alot of prejudice.
    But when I think of doing anything just doesn't spark.