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I have heard so many stories about how hard nursing is and all there is to complain about, but does anyone enjoy their work? Please let's hear from someone who is glad they got into nursing and... Read More

  1. by   outinbfe11
    I am a new grad and have been a nurse for 8 months now. I love my work and to agree with some others, the job is what bites. There are always people among good people who tend to show themselves, oneupmanship in other words. I remember what my preceptor told me at the end of Nursing school...the difference between doctors and nurses is that doctors back each other where as nurses tend to eat their own.
  2. by   Labor Nurse
    I love my work as a labor and delivery nurse. We don't have CNA's or LVN's working with us and of course we are very understaffed. We do everything from circulating surgery to wiping bottoms. Sometimes I go home and crash but I just can't imagine doing anything else!
  3. by   lesrn2005
    "too many patients, too many managers breathing down your neck, too many families to deal with, too many non-nursing tasks, and too little time to spend with each patient."

    Couldn't agree more!
  4. by   Nella
    I love my job. For me, my current position is probably as close to a perfect match as I'm going to get.
    I like the actual work I do.
    I like the people I work with.
    I like my managers.
    I like my hours.
    and I love working from home.
    I make less money than I used to, but I was willing to accept less money in exchange for the above list of what I like about the job. I didn't know when I took the job I'd like my coworkers and bosses so much. It was a gamble taking a big pay cut. It turned out to be a very good decision. I couldn't be happier.
  5. by   Nurse Cozmo
    You bet I do!!!! I was a CNA for 6 years, became an RN last year. I am now "no longer a new grad", and I love nursing. It certainly helps that the unit I started on as an RN (Oncology) in my hospital has very low turn-over, fantastic support from our leads, excellent preceptors and appreciative patients and families. I would highly recomend this area for any new grad. Be open-minded, it's not as sad as it may seem. Especially if you keep in mind that "healing" can be done even when "curing" can't.
  6. by   jerseyRN
    I'm a hospice nurse. I love my job.
  7. by   kygypsyrn
    I've been an RN for over 34 years. I am very glad I chose to be one. However, some days I hate the job, but the days I feel gratification far outnumber the bad ones.
  8. by   RnRatchet
    i was in a couple different types of nursing before i found my niche.. hospice. i love it! i don't think you could pay me enough to ever go back to the hospital. a hospice house maybe.... i work with a great group of people that truely care about each other.. which i feel is very important in a field such as hospice!
  9. by   working hard
    I love my job...When i first went to nursing school and we were doing our clinicals at a nursing home I said this is not for me when I get done I will not work nursing home..well 1st job nursing hoe turned out I had a nack for it and loved those old people to death...and never have I regreted being a nurse yes I c/o at times about staffing , supplies and so on but lobe the work...Now I work in mental health whole new ball game I have learned i do pretty good with this folks they like straight talk and to know your listening and care so far it's been future well working on my BSN now one more year to to go and god help me LOL It is hard
  10. by   blynn
    I have a love/hate relationship with my job, but on the whole, I think that there are more good days than bad. I can't really see myself doing anything else, anyway.
  11. by   nursemary9

    I LOVE Nursing!!

    I don't like the politics at times.

    I have the absolutely WORST manager of my whole 40 yr. career
    at present. This does make the job less enjoyable.

    I love working with the pt's.

    Mary Ann
  12. by   Kingbandit
    I im an ER RN who graduated June 04 after working for the same hospital for 10 years. I love my Job , Co-workers, and Employer they have given me everything I need to be strong and grow intelectually and physically I hope all RN/LPN's/Everyone can find this kind of employer/job
  13. by   spidermonkey
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