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  1. lesrn2005

    Saint Peter's College Online Rn-BSN

    I completed the BSN online with St Pete in May 2011, great program, advisor was excellent, always got back to me in a timely manner. I did the entire BSN online, minus Spanish II, just couldn't grasp foreign language online. Excellent program!! I think I paid $368.00 per credit while attending.
  2. lesrn2005

    Priority order Question,Pls help!

    Sounds right to me.
  3. lesrn2005

    University of Phoenix MSN Program

    Hi Trauma: how long did the adult health CNS take you to complete? How long for the MSN? Thanks.
  4. lesrn2005

    Online Spanish 2

    Anyone out there?
  5. lesrn2005

    Online Spanish 2

    Hey all! Has anyone ever taken a spanish class online, and if so how was the class? I am signed up to take spanish 2 online thru St Pete College, (took spanish 1 online and did well however, utilized the spanish websites for translation.)
  6. lesrn2005

    Need Advice on FNP school!

    Hi FNP: The NP's I worked with in "the field" did/do write orders for meds and wound care but it is done under the Doc. I have had one NP that ordered Hospice for her Home care patients also. Hmmm?!
  7. lesrn2005

    Advice for new hospice nurse (previous med-surg nurse)

    I left med-surg having only worked for 9 mos as a new nurse and went into Hospice nursing. Best job I've ever had! Still have it! 100% better than med-surg. You'll see - take that leap of faith.
  8. lesrn2005

    New nurse working and AHHHHHH!!! Nuts!

    Now is the time to make sure you are exercising at least for 30 minutes in the gym. I know this sounds crazy, but it will help. Get your heart rate up and break a sweat. This will relieve some of the stress and tiredness you're feeling. Also, straighten up your diet. Cut the sugar, and I believe these changes will help after a few weeks. Drink lots of water. Good luck!
  9. lesrn2005

    Experience in VA hospitals?

    Do you work at J. Haley VA? That is where I will be interviewing in one week. Is the pay good? I'm a nurse for 6 years.
  10. I did hospice nursing home and alf care for 4.5 years and have switched to inpatient care for the same company. Loved the nursing home care portion and developed a wonderful repoir with the staff. It was good because I knew that when I was off, the staff was taking care of the patient around the clock. That is the advantage of hospice nursing in the ecf arena verses the private homes. I transferred to inpatient unit with hospice to meet my school needs. Inpatient is extremely busy 4p to midnight shift, I never stop running. Best thing about working inpatient is I don't have the paper work following me around like it did when I worked nursing homes as a case manager. When I'm off, I'm off! How I spent my day in nursing homes? I did an assessment on the patient, provided wound care if it was the right scheduled time, called doctors, spoke with family, updated care plans, etc.. The staff passed the meds and medicated the patient with prn's if I asked them to. Great working relationship. The facilities were usually very pro-Hospice and loved my visits because they knew I would put out the "fires".
  11. lesrn2005

    Appropriate for Hospice?

    I was seeing a pt at our inpt center for education regarding his tube feeds through a replaced g-tube. He will go home with Hospice visiting and providing further education. His diagnosis is esophageal CA so I'm not sure about his prognosis. He's A&O x 3, ambulates, no real pain issues. I'm sure he's appropriate, I just don't see him passing soon. Also, our doc is ordering more iv pushes and fluids, so we'll be starting iv's/heplocks to give the meds. Just seems weird to me that we're having more pts admitted that do not always seem appropriate. I know its related to medicare cutbacks and keeping census up to keep our doors open. I don't know, seems like we're doing more outside the realm of Hospice. How about everyone else? I believe in the Hospice philosophy but it seems different with new regs.
  12. lesrn2005

    No Bowel Movement in Three Weeks

    I think H-H-H- means "High, hot, and a helluva lot".
  13. lesrn2005

    Job Offer--What do you think?

    Pay attention to your red flags.
  14. lesrn2005

    foley catheters

    If the meatus is tricky to find, I turn them on their left side (I am right handed) and go in from behind with a silicone catheter. The silicone is firmer and does not move around.
  15. lesrn2005

    Psych NP - is it for me?

    Too funny!