Does anyone have a 2nd job? - page 2

i've been doing some thinking (well i'm bored too---just graduated and overstudying for the NCLEX). i am staying at my current job once i pass the boards... but i'm just thinking about the holidays... Read More

  1. by   Roy Fokker
    A guy I have enormous respect for once told me that "working just 40 hrs a week is for suckers. Take it from me son, if you want to get ahead in this world, 40 a week is not even bare minimum".

    I KNOW I want to work a second job - just waiting for all my blessed credentialing to be done at my current facility. Besides, this close to the end of the tax year, I seriously don't want to deal with more paperwork! :chuckle

    Next year? You bet. Probably work agency or pick up call/extra hours at my current job...

  2. by   MB37
    I don't think I'd do retail either - do you have your license yet? Get it ASAP if you don't. My paper recently ran a doom-and-gloom article in the "working" section about how holiday retail jobs will be really scarce this year, and that if you don't already have one, you need to start looking yesterday. They did recommend discount retailers as better bets, since WalMart is one of the only stores that had increased sales last quarter. Normally I recommend waiting tables/bartending, but I've heard tip percentages have hit the cellar recently, and fewer people are going out to eat and drink. Thankfully, health care is one of the areas that is still growing. I'm a new nurse as well, and we aren't allowed to pick up OT until we're off orientation. However, there's no one to stop us from picking up a PT nursing job. Try home care, LTC, LTAC maybe on top of your hospital job for a change of pace. The want-ads are always full of job ads in those areas. Good luck!
  3. by   uscstu4lfe
    i really like the suggestion of workign a job that is NON-nursing related (as long as you can afford it). sometimes an escape from nursing is just what is called for. lots of places are hiring for the holidays. and plus you'd get a discount too!