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:eek: Alot of you may not belive in ghosts or spirits, but I for one do! Anyways, in my facility there has been things happening. Things move by themselves, alarms and call bells go off for no... Read More

  1. by   dawngloves
    I wish! I've worked at some older than dirt hospitals and never saw anything! I've heard stories but I think a little ghost spotting would make my shift go faster!
  2. by   nursnancy
    I've had two experiences, both when I worked in Texas. I worked as a CNA in one nursing home for a year before going to nursing school, and one of my patients was a man who was lonely and yelled out a lot for help, especially when he would see me walking by in the hallway. "Honey, help me! Help me, honey!" When I would go in to see what he wanted, he would look around the room trying to think of something just to keep me in there for awhile. One evening I spent my meal break visiting with him. The next day when I came to work, they said he had passed away in the night. For the next three nights I had the same experience each night. I came out of a room down the hall from his room, and heard him calling "Honey, help me! Help me, honey!," It wasn't just in my mind. I really heard it and it was so real that each time I started down the hall to his room for a few seconds before I realized that he was gone. After the third night, I didn't hear it anymore.

    The other experience was in a nursing home where I worked right after I got my LPN license. One night I and another nurse were sitting at the nurses station charting. I looked up and glanced down the darkened hall. I glimpsed an elderly lady in a red dress going into the last room on the left. I just barely got a glimpse of her as she was going into that room. I said, 'I wonder who that is!' The other nurse said, 'Who?,' looking up. I related what I had just seen, and she said, 'Oh,' she said nonchalantly, 'That's Mrs. Taylor.' 'Who?' I asked. 'She was a resident here for many years. She always wore a red dress. Every day she wore a red dress - wouldn't wear anything else. That was her room. She was really sweet. She died about a year ago, but we see her ghost now and then walking into the room.' I got up and went to the room and looked in. I didn't see a lady in a red dress. What I did see was the current patient in that bed, a diabetic, looking strange. I went to the patient and assessed her. I couldn't wake her up. I took her blood sugar and it was 30. I ran and got a syringe of Glucagon and she came around. I swear it's the truth.
  3. by   sharann
    Nope. No ghosts. But we have several witches (in upper management).
  4. by   Gremlin
    Had just started working 11-7 in ICU. Was going in for report. Passed one of the rooms and looked in the room. There was a little old lady sitting up in the bed with a pink bed jacket on and her hair was perfect (it was pulled up in to a bun). Went on in to report. When report was through, I asked if I had missed report on the pt in Bed #3. I was informed that there was no pt. in that room. I argued that there was until we went en masse to the room. I felt so foolish when there was no one present. I told the other nurses that I knew I had seen someone in the room. They asked me to describe the pt and I proceeded to describe her. The other nurses just looked at me and smiled. They went back to the nurses desk and pulled down a photo album. The patient I saw in the bed was in the album. I told them that was her. I was then told that the picture had been taken at a birthday party that was given for her in ICU. She died a few days later. The other nurses' told me that I was now officially part of the ICU staff because she only appeared to nurses that semed to really cared about their pts. She was giving her stamp of approval. It gave me goose bumps but I had grown up hearing about ghosts (I live in the South). What really freaked me out was the night I was alone in ICU watching telemetry monitors (small hospital). I was getting sleepy. Next thing I know I feel something stroking my hair. I immediately turn around thinking someone had snuck in to the unit. Nothing was there. I was not sitting under a vent either. Started getting sleepy and it happened again. I then realized I was not alone and it was the same pt's ghost (she loved combing her hair and even combed some of the nurses' hair as a type of therapy/exercise). I got up out of the chair and said "O.K. - I'm awake now" and the feeling that I was not alone disappeared. I looked at the telemetry screen as a quick check and witnessed a pt go in to V-Tach (the patient was in the same room that the ghost had been in on the floor). If the ghost had not woken me up, I wonder to this day if that other pt. would have made it. - Teresa
  5. by   NurseDianne
    OH YEAH!!! WE have a ghost on our North Wing. We are a small rural hospital that has grown over the years. So, old areas are new areas.....know what I mean. Anyway, one of the nurses that used to work nights passed away on NW. They say she was wonderful. That she's just watching out for us. If your down there at night, the cold breeze brushes past you. If that wing happens to be closed or low census, call lights will go off and no ones in the room.
    It's right next to our small ICU. One night I was working ICU w/ a new RN. I had stepped out to have a smoke. Was gone maybe 5-10 mins. As soon as I walked thru the door she turned pale and started to shake. She had seen what she thought was me....standing at her side........a nurse all in white....said she didn't look up, just assumed it was me. The only problem was, I had on my black scrubs that night. Needless to say, she didn't want me to leave her the rest of the night.
    It does get spooky down there, and all the new employees are treated to the tales. Makes for good break-in jokes on them.
    I don't like to be down on that wing along on the night shift!!!
  6. by   nursedawn67
    I believe in ghosts...most definately!
  7. by   Youda
    Originally posted by sharann
    Nope. No ghosts. But we have several witches (in upper management).
    OMG! You just about had me peeing on the floor with this one! YOu should use it as a sig line!
    :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll
  8. by   Roland
    scientists usually say with regard to this subject that sprits are not in the rhelm of science (as a way of dismissing the subject as nonsense in most cases). However, your post and others illustrate that ghosts (spirits or PSI whatever) DO interact with our PHYSICAL environment and COULD be studied. IF the athiest tide is ever going to turned the within the scientific community it will only be with the type of PHYSICAL evidence to which you allude (the camera videos) being brougt forward in sufficient quantity.

    Is there ANY facet of human experience MORE worthy of study by science than this issue?
  9. by   Mama Val
    Originally posted by sharann
    Nope. No ghosts. But we have several witches (in upper management).
    HEY, I resemble that remark
    except I don't do management
  10. by   NICU_Nurse
    Last Tuesday, I was working night shift on my Level III NICU and something really wierd happened, and then here's this thread!!! You guys must be mind readers. We were just talking about this!I was at work, and it was about three in the morning, just when our unit finally settles down and gets pretty quiet. Our unit is long, like a long shoebox, with cribs/isolettes on either side lining the walls. Our census is pretty low at eleven babies, and i was walking from the Isolation end of the unit to the other side, where the supplies are kept. As I was walking, I was just looking by at the other babies (I've been in Isolation for ages and hadn't kept up with the other kids in a couple of weeks). I noticed that with my three, we had a total of twelve. I thought, oh, we got a new one...when did that happen? and just got my stuff. On the way back, I looked at the new baby again and noticed that there wasn't a name card on the radiant warmer, because I was looking to see when it arrived (the name and date and time of birth are all on the card taped to the foot of the bed). When I got back to the Isolation area, another nurse was there and I asked her when we got the twelfth baby (figuring maybe it happened while I was at lunch, though I was still wondering how they could have gotten everything taken care of in forty-five minutes! Our unit was almost empty, no docs, no interns, no hustle-bustle, etc.). She said, 'What? We have eleven, not twelve." I said, 'No, I just counted and there is a brand new baby in the Radiant Warmer closest to the door...' She looked at me like I was insane and said, 'No, we have ELEVEN. We haven't had a new admit for two days.' I said, look, come with me! We walked over to the bed, and I SWEAR TO GOD, it was a clean, ready-to-go bed for a new admit, covered in supplies (we stock the beds in preparation for admits, with syringes, iv stuff, diaper, og tube, etc.). ????!!!!?????? I thought I would drop dead right there on the floor. Now, listen, I'm not crazy, and though I do believe in spirits (I'm from New Orleans, whaddya expect?), I also believe in rational explanations. However, I looked at that bed TWICE (once going, once coming back) and I saw THAT BABY lying there. Not supplies, not an admit bed, a BABY hooked up to the CR monitor!!!!! I thought maybe I was hallucinating, but the other nurses all said that they've seen things like that said she saw a mom in the hallway one night, and asked her if she needed help. The woman said she had come to see the ***** baby but had gotten lost and wasn't sure which nursery was which. The nurse said, come on in, we'll find out which nursery your baby is in, and let the woman into the reception area of the nursery. She turned away, poked her head in the door, and looked into the nursery to ask if anyone had that baby, and she turned around to clarify the name, and the mom was just gone, nowhere to be seen. She thought 'Oh, that's strange...' and called postpartum to let them know which nursery the baby was in, figuring that when the mom got back, the nurses could let her know. The PP nurse on the phone told her that they had no one by that name, no one even CLOSE to that name, and that they only had a handful of patients who were ALL on the unit and accounted for. Now someone explain THAT.
  11. by   legsmalone
    Ooo, creepy cool stuff, kept me awake after a 12 from hell...

    The hospital I work at is also haunted, I am on telemetry, and we have a med-surg/ telemetry unit downstairs in the old hospital building. I floated there one night, and got an odd feeling just walking on the floor for the first time. At some point in the shift, just sitting and charting, the unit secretary said something about the "chill" being in the air, I didn't know what she meant, but she explained that there is still a patient who hangs around her room, and anytime the bed is empty, the tele monitor for that bed kicks in with a sinus rhythm, despite the battery being out of the box. Often before she appears, there is a chill in the unit, that night though no one saw her, we brought a patient into the room she's seen in.
    I have alsoheard that another area down on the first floor that ios currently closed due to low staffing is also haunted. It was the area where many of the CA patients and those who would likely be hospice now were sent to die, one of the monitor techs on my floor said when she worked that area as a unit secretary itmes were forever being moved, charts would end up with missing paperwork and the infamous call lights going on in empty rooms. She told me she would never go back there if the area is reopened, they couldn't pay her enough!