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When I started my first nursing job-which was as a nursing assistant(before being certified was required), gloves were an unecessary expense.We used our bare hands to give bed baths, clean up vomit ,... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    It DID use to be fun to go to work. And folks DID work together.
    It's still fun to chat about old stuff though. I'm "only 56" and there is a lot that I have seen and done, some I wouldn't repeat some I relish. My first salary as a nurse was $232.00....a MONTH! Best job I ever had working for a GP in a rural medical office. When I left my last job I made more in a day...and it wasn't near as pleasant or

    Anyway...suction...using a faucet on full flow and a Y connector...made great suction.

    Plastic they're disposable paper....

    And oh the enema cans..and in a pinch they made neat rectal tubes with "music" provided....

    The caps always fell into the bedpans after they got caught on the trapeze bar or the curtains.

    Hospital rooms were $14 for private and $12 for semi-private. (Semi was anywhere from 2 to 6 in a room.)

    My first child in 1968 cost me $88 for the OB and $114 for 7 days in the hospital. My niece just paid 20 times that for her last one.....And she didn't even stay 24 hours.

    Oh and my tuition at the hospital school was $100..a YEAR. When I got to University it was $13 a semester hour!

    RE: the pressure ulcers...we had a doc who swore by "sugar-dyne"..that's betadine and granulated sugar. Pack that wound and watch it worked. As for the placenta...well don't they contain stem cells? And don't stem cells replenish whatever they are placed in? Everything old is new again.

    I loved being a nurse, I love nursing. I just don't like what it has done to us what it has come to....

    I can't work anymore, but this is a trip down memory lane for me.

  2. by   NRSKarenRN
    Started in SNF in 1973 as NA: We did all wound care, Gastrostomy feedings via gravity and 60 CC Syringes,and bowel regeime:rectal disempaction if indicated.

    Trach care: Metal trach is known as Jackson trach and was secured with twill tape. Trach care was done with three steel,then later plastic basins. Patients needing trach collar had a lound air compressor attached to large green oxygen cylinder.

    How about those Oxygen tents and iron lungs?? Anyone use transnasal oxygen catheters?? IPPB machines and those early respirators,Bird, LP- green machine needed lots of parts...

    1976 as LPN I learned how to assemble glass syringes and deburr? needle in case plastic syringe was in short supply.

    Remember hyperdermcylsis stopped around 1980 but I still used itin Hospice in early 90's if poor access and pt uncomfortable; Subq button used with IV morphine great if no vein access and PICC/Hickman contraindicated.

    Got RN in 82.In 1985, started in homecare when patients on IV narcotics had to have 24hr nursing in case problem with pump to prevent narcotic overdose...boy those CADD pumps sure stoped that practice.

    Fought many a night with a submersable pump in metal trash can lined with lg trash bag and filled with ice as a cooling blanket pump. Can remeber a nun having an open meeting re question/concerns in early eighties, what can she do to help improve our practice?? I had just spent 1 hr fighting with that pump and old portable gomco machine---had to clean out green mold from around ball to get suction; I was the only nurse to attend meeting and requested new equipment that I had seen in RN magazine. I showed her a copy and three months later new gomco, wall suction and automatic cooling/heating blankets arrived!!!

    Still swear by milk and molasses enemas in case of severe fecal impaction---they have never failed me!

    Are Cantor tubes with mercury baloons still in use??

    Can't ever forget the smell of PO and IV Geocillin!

    What other memories out there?
    I can remember nurses telling me of the need to scub the eggs as students prior cooking to prevent samonella ?sp. Also airing mattress was someting I did in 70's.

    Scultetus binders pre Montgomery straps.
    Remeber fondly heat lamps ( melting curtin if t got to close!) All decubitus TX: M&M(maalox& methiolate), betadine and sugar,wet-dry saline and peroxide, 1/2 strength Dakin's solution, egg yolk tx, mustard plaster, then elase and travase ointment; need to keep wd bed dry! Karya paste and powder, debrosan beads...Moist wound healing with hydrogel for non-infected wound seams to be the best/quickest TX of all of theses if good circulation.

    How about Circo-electric beds, Stryker frames, and all the different types of tractions!!

    And I'm only 45! Boy what changes. TEAMWORK was the key.

    Starting in the early 80's, if a patient was on a vent and had muscle tone we ALWAYS got our pts OOB into High baked chair, even if we had to tape their heads to chair to keep them upright:had 98% success rate in weaning vent dependent patients, esp COPD'ers. My former night colleaguesays that never happens now. How sad.

    That back rub was so important along with PM care...time to bring it back.


    The time is ripe now. Let's have bedside nurses become CEO's!!
  3. by   Reabock
    What a trip down Memory Lane! I started as an aide in spring 1977 and remember about 90% of the aboe mentioned, now archaic items. We still did our own bedpan sterilization in our own autoclave on our unit till about 1990, now send all our metal bedpans, emisis basins, washbasins and measuring graduates to central steril to be done. I do applaude our hospital on not going to disposables and filling up the landfills! I remember giving enemas with the metal can and reusable red rubber enema tubings, using leftover Ivory soap bars we saved when pts went home. Remember giving everyone Dalmane for sleep, using Posey chest resraints nightly on some folks and everyone coming in the night prior to surgery? I graduated from a 2 yr nursing program in 1981 that my institution sent several of us to and paid for, T.G. or I never would have gone, I started out at approx. $2+ an hour when I started and thought I was rich when I graduated and made $6+ an hour Sometimes I think looking back to where we've been and what we had to work with helps us to see how far we really have come... and so far to go.
  4. by   denicke
    I wanted to post in memory of a terrific lady (Schully) who taught me so much about the science of nursing and so much more about the art of nursing. We worked nights together and I used to love her stories about mixing up mustard plaster, sharpening needles, and sterilizing syringes. I used to HATE chest tube bottles!! I think I am dyslexic--I invariably got them backwards!
  5. by   Mijourney
    Hi. Remember manual setups for cardiac outputs? I believe that's where I got some good bicep and tricep strength from?