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We received a ton of positive feedback and Testimonials over the years about how much you enjoy But I'm curious to know, Does make you a better nurse? After... Read More

  1. by   MassED
    Quote from Thanet
    I've said no. A bit mean I suppose. But there are many ways of being 'Better'. Allnurses is just a fraction... as someone mentioned above it is a good place to have a chat /moan or even find a link to somewhere else etc... but by itself Allnurses is NOT the way to become a 'Better' nurse.
    that's one way to look at it - I think being a "better" nurse also takes into account your personal opinions, biases, your own story, others' stories, all of which can help you at the bedside. Greater understanding, I say, is how this site can help each person. Each little piece of you that is more enlightened can add to the whole nurse as "better" or more culturally aware, or better able to understand another aspect of nursing that we're not in.... many ways to better oneself through nursing... and it's not all just clinical either.
  2. by   WindyhillBSN
    If it wasn't for this site, I may have not passed my boards....
  3. by   crownurse
    Quote from brian
    We received a ton of positive feedback and Testimonials over the years about how much you enjoy

    But I'm curious to know, Does make you a better nurse?

    After answering the poll question, please share your story and feedback. Please be honest, if it has not helped, tell us, you won't hurt our feelings Thanks
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Yes, because now I don't feel so alone. I have seen and done a lot of stupid things, now I know it's part of the learning experience.
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  4. by   eriksoln
    I think it makes a nurse better in that you get the viewpoints from different areas of nursing. I like talking to ER nurses in here to see what they think of a lot of the old stereotypes floor nurses place on them. Now I see ER nurses in a new light and I tend to take it easier on them.
    It can broaden your horizons for sure. Plus, you get a wider geographic view. So, I can share things that are going on with me and see that people in CA and TX are experiencing the same thing, or not.
    It can also make you a worse nurse if you are not careful. There are a few too many "possers" on here. People who worked as a nurse for a few months and have been out of the field for years now but claim to be a nurse still..............people who own floral shops but "read" about nursing hence think they are one etc. You can really get derailed if you don't pay attention to who you should be listening to and who you should not.
    That, plus the mood on the board can often be very gloom/doom. Too much of it can make you a bit bitter.
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    I would say that it made me a wiser nurse...more observant. I get to see what has happened to others and I am more empowered to either not make the same mistakes or to better critically think. Many times, I have said to myself "I just read about a similar situation on allnurses...let me try to do it this way..." and most times, it worked.
  6. by   oncnursemsn
    Hi Brian,
    Yes, I appreciate allnurses. You are so humble to tolerate critical members. I learn more. Am enlightened and just motivated. There is nothing in nursing that is not covered. From instructors from far away asking about trends to what is current practice with iv's and PICCS. I give alllnurses to my students as website they should check out. I'm not critical at all. covers all that is nursing based and I love the international influence. Not critical at all.
    Thank you for your forum that allows us so much!
  7. by   ShiphrahPuah
    I learn from others, I can vent, I can see I am not alone on a bad day which keeps me from throwing in the towel, I can peek in at the pros and cons of other areas of nursing, I read inspiring stories, I am alerted to issues I never thought of, I see things from perspectives other than my own, I get tips on dealing with difficult patients/family, and I get a great laugh from the posts listed under humor which helps when I am suffocating because of stress....yes, I am a better nurse because of allnurses. Thanks Brian!
  8. by   metowe
    When you ask that question, I wonder what motivated you to start this web site Brian? If you had to, would you go back to the frontline? Many, many, many Nurses state they could not and would not. So no All Nurse has not made me a better Nurse. It has enlightened me into the problems that exist. The blogs are where the problems are vented with no resolution in sight, then people punch in and aquiesce.
  9. by   Alexsys
    In a way I have to disagree with the poster above me. I was a nurse( and a good one) before I discovered this site. Honestly, I feel that I have learned alot here. Especially when I read some sticky situations and the advice given on how to deal with them. I have to basically give kudos to all the members and staff here for sharing their experience with the rest of us. I think that it is healthy to share differences of opinions (in an adult way)
  10. by   lamazeteacher
    I've had to think in retrospect, since I've retired, and in recalling elements of the past, I realize that I was a pretty good nurse. Now I live as a nurse vicariously, through you. Sharing what I know and experienced feels great, and helps me deal with the isolation from nursing I've experienced since my retirement. Venting to you has helped to give me perspective.

    It's also given me humility when I think how much more you know now, and how I wish that I'd known some of that and was more easy working with machines, such as ventilators, IV pumps, etc. My hat/nursing cap is off to all of you still shouldering (literally) the brave new concepts and challenges in today's world. It's more who you are, than who the doctor is, now.

    It helps, I'm sure to know that after a bad day or something going wrong, you can always return to allnurses to vent, query, review, test your theories, etc.

    Nursing is kind of like being a mother. Once a nurse, always a nurse. Now if we could be more like mothers and not so much sisters with sibling rivalry, our work would be hassle free.
  11. by   rapkeygurl
    yes , if you have seen my post you realize this LTC 20 year nurse vents a lot and I think that helps and I really am glad I am a nurse and I am going back to RN school and it is great to get feedback in my area of work and to laugh at ourselves ( like the topic about pooped on and it was literal) that was very funny and good for the soul after a long day of work. Of course as you know d nurses usually dont just leave the job at the door we always strive to fine the right seminar, training to do a better job, In a small nonprofit facility hard to get any of the cooporate people motivated to educate us properly. That is what it takes. so I am glad I came here and have discovered other nurses have some of the same issues I do and some have worse. We can pool together to educated each other on what has worked for us and what has not. So I am grateful for that. Knowledge is power!!
  12. by   lamazeteacher

    We're on the same page.

    Let me educate you about nonprofits, however. There's no such thing! When money is collected and the budget is intact (which it's designed to be), the overage goes to administrators as bonuses (and seldom are there none), so it doesn't look like a profit.

    Believe me, they guard those bonuses by running out of things (such as N95 repirators), forgetting to order new products, etc.
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  13. by   kitty22
    This site ROCKS!!

    I've learn many things in here; from the news, blogs, to articles posted... *wineYeah i can really tell that i've become a better nurse than before