Doctor Visit Gone bad or Good??

  1. I lately went to the doctor and as of my visit the doctor was a bit too assertive in giving me his opinion on my life. I know with any illness a doctor should ask general questions to form an assesment on the patient. But, he was truely in a opinion state frame when greeting me. The 1st thing he asked was why do I have earrings in my ears. Since, I'm a a male I guess he thought it wasn't of character. Then lately he went into what is my sexuality? What age was my 1st sexual encounter. Do I know of god? And do I have a relationship with god ect. Also he stayed that I was unhealthy just because I'm 5'7 and 138lbs as a male. Stating that I more than likely was eating too much sugars and needed more vegies,ect. I just found the experience sort of BS. I have always been thin and my father has always been a lil guy. I mean I felt it had nothing to do with my situation for me visiting his clinic. I found it to be very disturbing that he told me to take out my earrings after I was the one who payed a co-pay for his service. I feel that yes it is a personal experience with a patient at times but it is a certain way to conduct a profession. I'm not anti-christ but if I needed to be preached to and convicted of my sins I would of went to church instead of a doctors clinic. I think alot of times because of my youthful appearance many elders feel the right to give me their opinions of trying to construct my life. But truely I'am a adult and I feel that I should be spoken to as an adult. After this experience I was dumbfounded and speechless by the experience. After I left his office he asked for me to repeat a prayer after him in front of the receptionist. I know its such a word of concern but sometimes concern only goes so far when you are a strange phyisican. I hope that I won't turn out to be a nurse who communicates with my patients of this nature. Do you feel this was a bad encouter? And would you return to a Doctor for another visit due to the sort of concern but rude gestures? Please, tell me your opinion and how would you had handled the situation and should I go back to him for a re-visit?
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  3. by   Multicollinearity
    Doc sounds like an ignorant jerk with no boundaries.

    Why would you consider going back? And why do you think you went along with his requests in the visit, such as taking out your earrings? It would be good to think about that.

    At a minimum - I absolutely would not pay him. I'd tell his office staff why, or send a letter. I've done this myself.
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  4. by   RN BSN 2009
    Very unprofessional, IMO. Although I would have addressed my concerns at the appointment. I would have said something along the lines "So what do my earrings have to do with my X c/c?" If you really like the physician otherwise, make a next visit and make it a point to bring up that his statements have made you uncomfortable and he has crossed the boundaries of a professional relationship.
  5. by   RNinSoCal
    You have the right to choose your MD as an adult. I would not continue to see an MD who treated me that way. My brother went through this sort of treatment with MDs, he is 5'11 and weighs 135-140 tops. He also had ear piercings and tattoos. Every MD he met when he was under the age of 25 (and on our parents insurance) assumed he was gay and a drug user. My brother is 32 now and still thin, still pierced and tattooed. The difference is he gets to choose his MD and will not put up with that sort of treatment.
    I understand the questionning to rule out health risks but the prayer thing is not appropriate. Prayer and spiritual beliefs is a personal choice, not a medical concern.
    I hope you find a better MD.
  6. by   samaletta
    He asked you to repeat a prayer in front of the receptionist???! What a freak!
  7. by   canoehead
    Absolutely no way I would ever go back. I wouldn't pay him for the visit. I actually think that he could be disciplined by his professional board for proselytizing. He can discuss choices that have to do with your health, but if your earlobes weren't infected they are off the table. If you feel uncomfortable with the topic of discussion you have a right to tell him to move on to the next issue. Even if you sort of liked him he sounds manipulative, and working on his own issues through you. Don't go back.
  8. by   MaleRNstudent21
    I just am a bit sick of going to different doctors. I have been to a few and can't seem to find a good one and one who actually know their skills. I just was in a different zone at the time being of my appointment. Usually I would of stood my ground and told him to flake off and that would of been the end of the visit. I know he wasn't professional I just was kind of blew away. I never had anyone judge me is such a way and try to manipulate and make me believe not strongly in myself. I guess it was just a desperate measure and awkward situation that kept me from reacting in a put you in your place attitude. My situation with doctors in this year have all been bad. I had one doctor who didn't give me a prescription or any feedback for a whole month. And then when they did I couldn't get the prescription because of the reason they only sent me a card with my results in the mail. Also, she had never gave me a return date in a follow up. And this was one of the doctors who seemed concern but was very gung ho in the effect of this is my show and I run it how I want. And I would agree he was trying to work on my issues through myself. Since he goes to a church that is largely in number of homosexuals. I guess thats why my sexuality was of importance for some reason. Since he falls short in his own arena. But, I will never return to his clinic again! Pls everyone continue your responses.
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  9. by   RoxanRN
    My ....... I would have gotten up and walked out - appointment over or not - and told him where he could put his prayer (yes, I am a christian and church goer, but I will not excuse his behavior! )! No doctor, let along anyone else, has the right to push their beliefs on you. :angryfire I will agree, however, depending on why you went to see him in the first place, the sexual orientation question very well may be appropriate.
  10. by   muffie
    everything out of this doc's mouth was inapprporiate
    this medical dr needs a psych dr
  11. by   sanctuary
    Innappropriate, irregular and unprofessional. And that's just the earring bit. Don't get me started on the prayer thingy. I do not go to church for a Rx, nor a MD for a prayer. Bit of a boundry issue,fella.
  12. by   welnet66
    Sounds to me like this Doctor should be reported. Not only did he insult you..which you will not be able to prove..he imposed his religious beliefs on you in front of a witness. That you can prove. Make some phone!!!
  13. by   casualjim
    I'd have fired him on the spot. Remember as the patient, he works for you, not the other way around.
  14. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Wow. I'd repoort him to the board.