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Hey guys! here it goes... The other day at clinicals (I'm a student:) ) I witnessed a herione addict fake a seizure. Well, the nurses who responded to this incident were amazing. At first they... Read More

  1. by   Nurse Ratched
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    It it is wet and it ain't yours, don't touch it.
    Since seeing that succinct advice here, I have used it when I teach CPR.

    I have gloves in my scrub pockets at all times just in case.
  2. by   Reabock
    No one has brought up the fact that there is a hefty fine for not wearing gloves, to the institution if you are witnessed Not wearing gloves and ripping out the finger is also a breach of infection control and is not allowed. I have worn gloves since we were first instructed to, I don't know how many years ago and have learned to do IV starts with no problem, Use a smaller size or even sterile gloves if you need them to fit snuggly for the touch factor, don't rip off a finger, Please!!
    The biggest problem I have is putting adult diapers on and the tape always sticks to me first, they are a hassle but we are trying to protect ourselves and our patients.
  3. by   nursejenrad
    Depends. I'v been working as an LPN & EMT. (I am a BSN student. ) Every situation is unique- when in doubt, glove. It is the most important thing in EMT school. BSI (body substance isolation) is drilled in a million times. If I go in to isolation then of course. If I just go in to do an assessment or listen to lungs or whatever I will just wash before and after. The situation with the emergency, YES! No way is it worth it. I keep gloves in my pocket in case I need them and you are not able to run and grab a pair.
  4. by   sbic56
    I don't, I know I should. I'm better at it than I used to be, though.
  5. by   GAstudent

    I brought that up.Read above. I totally agree with you..
  6. by   FutureNurse2005
    I am not even a student yet, but I have every intention of wearing gloves when necessary.
    My health/safety, and that of my family is well worth the minute hassle of putting them and taking them off.

  7. by   Sammysue
    I thought everyone wore gloves all the time. Isn't that a hospital rule?
  8. by   HoustonRN
    I am allergic to latex and am "glove adverse"- even the nitrile ones bother my hands-- so, I carry my nitrile gloves in my pocket, I glove when I may come in contact with body fluids, and I get them off ASAP. Once a patient is clean and on a clean diaper, do you really need gloves on when you peel off the tape? Also, if I know I'm going to do a really dirty job that might require glove changes, I put the nitrile ones on first, and then however many pair of latex ones I may need. Then as each layer of gloves get soiled, I take them off and there's a fresh pair underneath.

    I also find that sterile surgical gloves one size too small allows me to feel the vein without ripping off a finger.
  9. by   HoustonRN
    PS. When you're done with your gloves, take them off and wash your hands. It really gives me the heebee jeebees when people (not just nurses) wear gloves to answer the phone, push elevator buttons, etc.
  10. by   AprilSN
    I was just having a conversation with my mom (who is a CNA) about this. It is dangerous to be a healthcare worker. We can't always see the things that could harm our health so I alwyas wear gloves, at home and in clinical.
  11. by   Flynurse
    If I didn't wear gloves I would possibly be in the hospital myself...I tend to make messes with many things I do.

    Note to self: Good thing my passion isn't OR nursing.
  12. by   happystudent
    ga student

    the pt was having a pseudo-seziure. she just wanted drugs and attention. At one point she stopped having her "seziure" looked at the iv nurse and told her to try the vein in her neck because she usues that one all the time...
  13. by   happystudent
    oh yeah,

    thanks to everyone for being so honest. I agree with gloveless caring touches... i think that is so important for patients to feel cared for. My main thing was seeing experienced RNs putting themselves at risk. I know that I have to protect myself and the pt health so I always use them.