Do you think they/employers are watching what we post?

  1. Do you wonder if your employer has a good guess of who you are on AN and monitors your posts the way some employers do on other social networking sites?
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  3. by   Conqueror+
    In a word yes. Unless you are super vigilant you can be identified fairly easy.
  4. by   KaringOne
    I doubt it.
    I don't think my supervisor cares that much.
    She's too busy dodging the phone, hoping that no one calls out (so that she doesn't have to go in to work).
  5. by   linearthinker
    Not I.
  6. by   merlee
    I think it is important that we try to be careful about certain things. One never knows!!!
  7. by   noahsmama
    I doubt it, but I still never post anything on AN that I wouldn't want the whole world to know, including anyone and everyone who knows me in real life. Once you post it, it's out there forever!
  8. by   Art_Vandelay
    I post my underwear size, social security card number, and all my major credit card numbers. Why should I be the only one wearing Victoria's Secret? :spin:
  9. by   canoehead
    I post here as if they are reading every word.
  10. by   Tait
    I think more about HIPAA violations when I post than whether or not my boss is watching.
  11. by   TonieRN
    I would not post anything here that you dont want them to see. Even IF they arent watching, you dont know WHO may come accross your posts even accidently. And things can travel back........
  12. by   VickyRN
    As moderators, we get occasional requests from frantic and desperate members who want their posts deleted, because they revealed too much personal information and now they are in trouble with ___________ because of stuff they posted here. So yes, it does happen. Be careful what you post on the Internet - the Internet is not as anonymous and benign as you think. Never post anything on the Internet that you wouldn't say face to face to a crowd of strangers.
  13. by   Jolie
    You don't need to wonder. Yes, we employers monitor employees' Facebook and other social media posts.

    I have dismissed 2 employees because of information they posted on fb in violation of company policy, and I printed out those pages in the event those employees attempt to file for unemployment.

    My business does not involve HIPAA, but it does involve trade "secrets". Posting those on the internet is bad for one's employment prospects. So is posting pictures of yourself drinking at a party when you called off sick from work.

    Stupid is as stupid does.
  14. by   CapeCodMermaid
    No, I don't think my boss looks on here to check out what we post.
    My boss is the most wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, caring, fair, insightful person on the planet.