Do you "dudes" get together after work for a beer?

  1. Hey everyone, this is mainly a question for the guys.

    I'm a male, and going into nursing, nothing will change my mind about that, but I just have a little question that I've always wondered about.

    I'm the type of person that's pretty social, I like to hang out with new people and socialize a lot. So, my question is, do the guys you work with go out for beers, hang out, do stuff like that?

    I don't think I could stand working ALL DAY with all the ESTROGEN! My girlfriend is all I can handle!

    I like to get to know the people I work with, and am hoping that some of the younger male nurses like to just hang out and have a drink every once in a while, and yes, im also wondering if the females come as well!

    I like to work in healthy, friendly atmospheres, where everyone gets along. After reading some of the posts around here, I get the impression that most of the time it's women who are CRANKY and want to CUT EACH OTHERS THROATS, but I NEVER hear about how any of the guys treat each other.

    So...if anyone has anything to say, I'd really appreciate it. Just asking, because in my current job, EVERYONE likes to get together every once in a while, guys and girls, and just chill out.

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  3. by   obillyboy
    I love working with women. There are three other guys on my unit. The rest of the males in the other units do not usually associate outside their own unit, but I am getting off track.
    I too enjoy scial intraction.
    The 1st guy is a macho tool head.
    The 2nd is a balls to the wall go all the way militant.
    The 3rd is a quiet stay at home dad.
    None of the above are bad to be, but I am not into all that so, as for me.
    Thank all you sweet female souls for helping me stay in balance.
    So to finish just know that you will always find the bad in people with great ease.
    It takes more to find the good in them.
    Both Guys and Gals.
  4. by   sjoe
    In about a dozen different nursing jobs, I have found:

    Usually there are so few men working together on the same shift, with the same hours, that the question is moot.

    There is occasional, infrequent "hanging out" with two or three guys, but it has to be pre-arranged and scheduled.

    Usually people are so wasted after work that everyone just goes home to their families, pets, whatever. That includes women and men.

    Your experience may be different, but I seriously doubt it.

    You might be wise to really think about the fact that something like 95% of RNs are female, including 95% of your supervisors and co-workers, and re-evaluate whether this is the field for you. I strongly suggest that it may NOT be.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes

    I think I love you.

    rofl---just kidding, i am ITA w/you anyhow....
  6. by   ERNurse752
    I'm a woman. I work with some men. We all get along.

    We go out together and have "liquid breakast" sometimes...we used to get food too, but the cook died at the bar we go to, and he's buried in the cemetary out back now.

    We do other things too, but it's not usually just the guys, or just the girls, it's the whole fam'.
  7. by   Pete495
    I love going for a drink after work, but I work on a very small unit, (Cardiovascular surigical unit) where there are only 2 male RN's and 1 male
    nurse extender. When I go out with a bunch of guys, it isn't with people from work obviously because I work with all females. The fun of it is though, when I go out with people from work, it's all WOMEN! I call it a perk. I don't know what you call it, so just take advantage. I usually coax one of the cath lab girls into going out for a drink.

    One problem I run into a lot is that most of the girls at work are all married, and have to go home to their husbands and families, so I end up going home as well sometimes. Plus I work on a small unit (11 beds), and this doesn't help matters. We have like 3-4 nurses working at any one time, and in critical care, most of the nurses are a bit older, while I am somewhat younger,26. This doesn't bother me at all, but it's hard to make good friends with people twice your age. So in this regard, I can understand where you're coming from. Being a male and making friends in nursing is not easy. Luckily, I have a lot of good friends outside the hospital. If I didn't, I might not survive. It's a small hospital, but I love my job for now, and don't think that it would be much better somewhere else. I've actually thought of going into the float pool just to meet more nurses, doctors, etc. and also it learn a lot more in the process.
  8. by   TexasRN31
    I work in the ER and often the young, single female nurses will go to breakfast with beer with the male docs. Most of the male nurses are married and go home after work. It's really fun and great bonding time. We also have a co-ed softball team made up of nurses and docs. After our games on Wed we go out for pitchers of beer and shoot some pool. Great fun is had by all.
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes

    I think I love you.

    rofl---just kidding, i am ITA w/you anyhow....
    Deb! I think I love him too. (just kidding) Love his posts though.:chuckle

  10. by   mattsmom81
    When I was younger I liked to go out with the gang (male and female and sometimes their partners) after work for a few drinks. After we married it slowed down as mentioned.We don't have the time or energy anymore once family obligations take hold.

    3 of my male coworkers meet several times a week to work out and get a break from the estrogen.

    If a guy does his job well the gals will generally be glad he's there. Most female nurses prefer working with a mixed staff of males and females. I enjoy my guy coworkers as I do get sick of the bytchy cattiness some of my female coworkers seem to revel in.

    Depends on the group you work with as to how much socializing goes on off the job. One thing to keep in mind: It's not a good thing for your coworkers to know TOO much detail about your personal life. It might come back to bite ya.
  11. by   dosamigos76
    Originally posted by stevielynn
    Deb! I think I love him too. (just kidding) Love his posts though.:chuckle

    Yep, I think sjoe has a budding fan club here at allnurses! Is sjoe a guy? Didn't know that, never thought of him/her if terms of gender, just basic common sense with a "don't mess with me" attitude that you just gotta admire!
  12. by   iliket3
    Please disregard the post by Sjoe. While it may be true that the percentage of RNs is higher among females it doesn't give anyone the right to say that the profession is for women only. So disregard that garbage.

    I agree with the bit about being too tired at the end of the shift for after-work socializing though. Welcome to the field. I for one think it is refreshing to see the male influence.
  13. by   DMR1
    lol don't worry, i have disregarded what he said after he implied this profession is NOT for me, without knowing ANYTHING about me. the fact that I like to socialize with my co-workers is no indication that this profession is 'wrong' for me.

    but thanks for the replies. I'm sure I'll meet a few people here and there.
  14. by   Tink RN
    I think sjoe was cracking on the "all day with estrogen" statement. Don't worry DMR ... once you get in your groove - you will PMS along with the rest of us. LOL

    Some of my co-workers and I occassionally go out (most are married) but its a good outlet and we have a great time. We go to a local bar, get tipsy and think we can dance. There are two guys in this group. One is gay and one is straight - so generally we dance with one and rate other guys butts with the other.