Do You Like Where You Work??

  1. Do you like where you work at?

    1. YES!! I love the area I'm at!!

    2IT's okay. I'm content.

    3.I'm here for the money, until something else comes along,that I like.

  2. Poll: Do you like where you work at?

    • YES!! I love my position!!

      34.78% 8
    • It's ok...I'm content.

      39.13% 9
    • I'm there for the money..until I find what I really want to do.

      17.39% 4

      8.70% 2
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  4. by   rreed
    I work on a busy 49 bed Med-Surg unit and I love it, I love the day to day challenge.

  5. by   CraftyLPN
    I guess the reason I ask is because...I love what I am doing now...I love it..but the down side to it is that I don't see many hours...I have had several offers of working @ltc's and I know they will offer me the hours that I would like...(40hr wk)..but downfall is.. what shift they have available( right now.. I"m 1st ..5-7 hrs a day..get to actually see and spend time w/ my family)
    I like LTC.. but that's all I can say..and I guess I was just wondering how the rest of you felt about your jobs..maybe I could get a "perspective " on what I want to do and to accomplish.....
  6. by   askater11
    I work between two units.

    One I's adequately staffed and organized.

    The other units not adequately staffed and very disorganized. People are very nice. Though staffed better then some other local hospitals.
  7. by   Ms.Hobbes
    Yes, I have to say I really do like my job. For almost a year now I have worked at a very busy outpatient surgery center. The pay is great and you are appreciated, but I think the main reason I really like this job is that it gives me time with my family, which since having my second child has become quite important to me. Prior to this job I worked for 8 years at a smaller rural hospital- ER, OB and Med surg. the shift was 3p-3a or 3a-3p, especially after having my second child the hours weren't working for me. So I now have a job that has fairly normal hours and weekends and holidays off, which with having a growing young family has worked out well for myself.
  8. by   Care Assistant
    I work a 8 hour day in a Residential Care Home for the Elderly. I Love WORKING with the elderly but... over the last few weeks the shift work is beginning to annoy me.

    My shifts:- 8-4 2-10 7-4

    I work days I DON'T DO NIGHT WORK.
  9. by   NurseDianne
    I've been at the same place for 13 years now.........minus a 6 month LOA.........and I guess maybe i'm "comfortable"...... but.....just bidding my time...waiting till me and hubby both get out of school......and then he's going to PA school which requries a i'll have to leave my comfort zone. I'm ready for a change........i don't feel like I'm growing much in my nursing skills these didn't answer the poll......i'm kind of stuck in between answers......:chuckle
  10. by   GPatty
    I do like the place I work, and I like the people I work with, but as in all places, there are things that bug me.
    Maybe another position will come along soon.....
  11. by   Brownms46
    I have been at this travel assignment for about two weeks now, and I must say I'm ok with it. Most everyone is happy I'm here, except for the slackers that is...:chuckle. I recently got them to add another CNA on nites, and the other nite nurse isn't too happy, that it took me coming, and saying something to get more help. But I can't really blame her, as she has been complaining for months about it.

    But it all boils down to being able to give better care, and that is what we're all here for anyway. So for now I'm ok with where I am.

    I'm making excellent money, have a nice home to live in while I'm here, good neighbors, a three minute drive to work with virtually no traffic! I see wild turkey, deer, get to see and hear lots of birds outside, work with great people, have a CN with not even a hint of a power trip.

    A nurse manager who asks me what days I want off, and who I feel comfortable with chatting on the phone, who used to be a traveler also.

    Easy going Docs who I have no problem getting orders from, ...geeze NO complaints from me
  12. by   Lucy RN
    I work for Hospice as a home care nurse and I love it ! I make my own daily schedule depending on who is stable and who is having problems. It's pretty independent which is what I love about it. The pay is good and I enjoy the Life is Good
  13. by   healingtouchRN
    depends on what day you ask me. When we are staffed & my help has a clue, it's a good place to work but when we have a bunch of call outs (flu season!) then uuuggghhh.... I could just jump out my office window when no one is looking. But then WHO would take care of me?????:chuckle