Do you know anyone who used Nursing as a stepping stone to something else?

  1. [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Do you know anyone that used Nursing as a stepping
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]stone to something else outside of Nursing?
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]If so, what was that "something else" for them?

    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]What were their reasons for using Nursing as a stepping
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]stone?

    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Opinions?

    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]ps. Will elaborate later
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  3. by   nevergonnagiveup
    Hey -I had a co-worker who was a nurse but was getting burnt out. She decided to use the money she made as a nurse and saved enough to open a night club. She did really well in the beginning but with all the hot spots as competition, the club lost money and shut down after a few years. I think she's planning to open a restaurant next.
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  4. by   *guest*
    That's cool. I was thinking of saving up and opening a small/conservative business. But I would probably work per diem until 3 years of my business being stable .
  5. by   Be_Moore
    My step-brother is an RN also, and he just sat the MCAT a couple days ago. My step-father is an RN who now works for a large pharmaceutical corporation as a site monitor. I'm considering using my RN capital to open up a business as well. Possibly going to CRNA school to use that income to funnel into a business.
  6. by   It'sMe, RN, BBA, MBA
    I went to Nursing school to fund my education. I got 100% tuition, room and board and books because I had a high SAT and a college prep degree from high school. 3.97 out of 4.0 did not hinder the application process either. Once out of school, I completed a full BS in business and then a MBA. I eventually became the preisident of a HMO and then opened my own business in real estate investment. The real estate bust wiped me out and now I am back to nursing to rebuild my finances so I can begin to invest again. You can lose everything but the experience and knowledge you gain. Nursing has always been my fall back position. Good luck.
  7. by   JDR15
    I know quite a few occupational health nurses who went on to become full time safety practitioners, an ICU nurse who went to a pharmaceutical company, then ended up in corporate management of the company; one who moved sideways into natural therapy and another who used nursing to finance his way through medical school.
  8. by   caliotter3
    One of my classmates had plans to go to med school. Don't know if that ever happened, but I do know that she had the academic abilities to pull it off.
  9. by   elkpark
    My father started out as an RN and later attended medical school and became a physician.
  10. by   PAERRN20
    I'd perhaps like to open an massage/wellness clinic someday.
  11. by   carolina4
    i know one guy who got his BSN for undergrad and then took the MCAT and just graduated med school...i mean, i have no desire to be a MD but it does make since to study related material in undergrad and then work/gain experience thru med school to eventually be a MD. hey, i bet they respect nurses more than some docs so i like the idea.
  12. by   mariedoreen
    What a great thread, thanks for starting it. I'm working as an RN-ADN and want my bachelors. I've been looking at BSN programs... but the honest truth is I don't want to go that route... I want to major in something else... and have been feeling like doing so would be counterproductive... like I've got to stay on this nursing course. Reading these few replies showed me it's more than okay to veer off the path a little and pursue what really appeals to me. THANKS!
  13. by   mommyonamission
    I don't know people who have gone into nurse epidemiology/infectious disease prevention, worked for a non-profit as a nurse educator, gone into research, with a MSN or higher gone into nurse education, started a wellness business, gone into managed care, worked for the government...the list goes on and on. Bottomline, doing the clinical/bedside route is just one option of many, as other posters have pointed out too.
  14. by   elb252
    It's so neat reading all of the different posts with different stories on how nursing has been used as a stepping stone for another career...thanks for the inspiration!! I've been thinking about getting another degree in either special education or psychology, but I'm not sure yet. Regarding further education, your posts have made me aware that it's okay to look outside the box in nursing!!