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Hi all, do you know a hospital that is practicing what is being preached. Decent ratios so that patients and staff are happy and well cared for? For example, anyone here have 1 RN to 4 pt ratios??... Read More

  1. by   VickyRN
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  2. by   susanmary
    I remember the 1:4 ratio -- and miss those days. Nurses will FLOCK to facilities with ratios like this. Nurses leave the bedside for two major reasons -- staffing & benefits.
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  4. by   canoehead
    My hospital has 1:3-4 on days and 1:4-5 on nights as it's goal and just recently filled it's last position for M/S. I think there is an opening for ICU or OB but not sure. Anyway, when we guaranteed hours and got a good ratio the nursing shortage became much less of a problem.
  5. by   VickyRN
    Gee, not too many responses to this thread.... not that many hospitals around with good ratios ????
  6. by   lee1
    Originally posted by VickyRN
    Gee, not too many responses to this thread.... not that many hospitals around with good ratios ????
    too bad, wish we could start a trend, must be too many mismanaged hospitals that have not been able to see the light
  7. by   NsgTiger
    I wish staffing ratios were not such a problem. I think I might enjoy med/surg if I was assured only to have 4 pts. Typically, in this area I see med/surg nurses who are overworked and burning out extremely quickly!
  8. by   BuffaloLPN
    Just wanted to add mine in here-

    RN alone can take up to 6, RN/LPN team takes up to 10.

    This is NIGHTS on Peds med/surg.
    As the LPN I actually feel bad having to team because even though there are two people responsible for 10, each FEELS responsible for 10. I think RN-4, RN/LPN team-8 would be great.
    It really bothers me to have to 'ignore' pt requests because I am too busy with so many others. I would leave in a heartbeat if staffing ratios were better elsewhere
  9. by   nurseBe
    I work days on a cardiac stepdown/telemetry unit and the ratio is 1:4, if you have tpc it is 1:3. Some days are good, others are too busy. Lately it seems like ICU, with no time to eat, breath etc..
  10. by   majrn
    I live 7 minutes from a small county hospital, dont know what their ratios are, people say why do you drive 30min to Indy to work when you live so close to county hospital? Because ratios are 4:1 days, 5:1 eves, 7:2 for pods, 6-7max :1 for nights(no pods) . Its a good thing!!!!
  11. by   mattsmom81
    Originally posted by majrn
    Because ratios are 4:1 days, 5:1 eves, 7:2 for pods, 6-7max :1 for nights(no pods) . Its a good thing!!!!
    I've read this term on the BB before but have no idea what it means...'splain please?
  12. by   JMP
    I work ICU and it is almost always 1:1

    I have done lots of homework in the patient ratio department, as I often think of coming state side, however, not too many IUC's have 1:1 by what I read.

    Here is a link, Tucson, AZ 1:4 patient ratio for med-surg. Not that I am, or will ever be a med-surg RN, but if that is your department, Tucson is a beautiful place.
  13. by   Zee_RN
    Community not-for-profit hospital

    Med-surg AND telemetry: 1:6 on days. Not sure about nights; I think it goes up on Med-Surg 1:9 (but stays 1:6 on telemetry). 6 patients on Telemetry is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. We call it our Med-Surg with Monitors unit. And they are now going to take away the charge nurses on Telemetry (who currently have no patient assignment) and put in monitor techs instead ("all the other hospitals are doing it"...I guess we jump off the bridge if everyone else does it too). A 1:4 med-surg unit would be divine! Cannot imagine it here.

    Our ICU "stated" patient ratio is 1:2 and we have a dedicated (no patient assignment) charge nurse. However, we take a lot of telemetry overflow so we may have 2 ICU patients and a telemetry. Or, joy of joys, you get to have all the telemetry patients that are stuck in the unit--and you could have 6 patients. Or you can have a mixture...1 ICU, 1 Telemetry, 1 Med-surg patient (as they have been reclassified but no beds available outside of the ICU). ANd then you get to transfer your non-ICU patients OUT when they absolutely need an ICU bed for some crashing patient and take an admission or two. It's getting crazy, guys & gals.