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Hi, I am a rising 4th year nursing student doing a project for a statistics class and am designing an experiment to see if there is a correlation between being a nurse and donating blood. I would... Read More

  1. by   jenn_nurse
    I donate regularly. I try to go every 8-10 weeks. Sometimes I am deferred for low hemoglobin, but if I remember to load up on iron rich foods in the week before I go I am OK. I have also been deferred for: an irregular heartbeat (side effect of medication I didn't notice I was having until they felt the skipped beats), recent vaccination post human bite (that was a 1 year deferral, although they don't routinely ask about humn bites), and because I have dated men who have sex with men. The American Red Cross changed the guidelines so that a woman who has had sex with a MSM can doate after 1 year. This is the one that annoys me the most, as I know what my safer sex practices are, the frequency with which I have STD testing, and the recent STD results of a partner. I was a person who donated before I ever became a nurse, so I know that being a nurse didn't contribute to my donating blood, although my comfort with donating blood may have had something to do with the personality traits that also led me into nursing.
  2. by   SaraO'Hara
    No - permanent deferral. I lived in Germany during the Mad Cow scare.
  3. by   BluegrassRN
    Lived in Europe during Mad Cow. Can't donate.
  4. by   pfongk
    Haven't donated recently, I've recently given birth and had to have the anti-D shots so I don't know when I'll be able to donate again. I have had problems as well with hypotension. So long as I fluid load though I'm fine.
  5. by   Chattybox
    I used too but I don't anymore. I just get too sick afterwards.
  6. by   RNperdiem
    No. underweight.
  7. by   emnicams
    I used to, but I get so sick afterward that I finally stopped. The last time, I spent the rest of the day lying down on the couch, because anytime I tried to get up, I almost fainted. Not fun.

    I donated for years without issue, so it's strange.
  8. by   Nicole2010
    I use to donate blood, until my median nerve was hit during a donation. Luckily I was on vacation because I couldn't use my arm for 2 weeks with the pain, tingling, and feeling like my hand was in ice water all the time. Now, I still have periodic pain and tingling. I just can't take the risk.
  9. by   sunnycalifRN
    I donate platelets and plasma (apheresis). I used to donate blood regularly but they wanted my platelets and plasma more! 131 donations and counting.
  10. by   MrWarmHearted
    No. It is against Bible principles (Acts 15:28-29). Of course, we all want the best treatments possible - and although common, blood transfusions, are NOT the gold standard. Blood banks can NOT guarantee safety - why would anyone knowingly put themselves at risk? Additionally, there are blood alternatives now that are more safe and cost-effective.
  11. by   perfectbluebuildings
    I wish I could but I can't, don't weigh enough, did once just after 9/11 lied about my weight (stupid I know), and almost passed out later that day. I admire all you regular donors, it's so needed.
  12. by   DeLana_RN
    My blood type is O neg and I used to donate blood (and later platelets via apheresis) on a regular basis; then, a few years ago, I learned that I was no longer eligible because of a hypothetical risk of "Mad Cow Disease" due to living in Europe in the early 80's. Yeah, it's real likely I'll ever get Mad Cow Disease (especially since I don't eat meat) , but nevertheless it's the end of donating blood products for me

    It's too sad that many potential donors are rejected for sometimes questionable reasons, while so many eligible individuals refuse to ever consider donating. But if that weren't the case, there would be no shortages.


    P.S. For the survey: When I first donated I was 22 years old and worked as an office clerk. At the time, I did not think I would ever become a nurse, although I had always been interested in nursing/medicine. One motivation to donate blood was to help out during a blood shortage.
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  13. by   LynM75
    I donate probably 2 times a year, no more than that, otherwise my Hb is too low and I get rejected if I try again too soon. The last time was a wash they only got half of what they needed and it had to be thrown out, what a shame, the vein stopped giving...