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how about it? my first cap was white cotton with a drawstring in the back. it sort of favored an old pioneer sunbonnet only without the large front part. the front was only about 1" wide. my... Read More

  1. by   pageygirl
    we had plain white caps with a red stripe on the edge
    our pin was gold and red I dont wear it on my badge was afraid I was going to loose it worked to hard for that pin. I am going to wear my cap next year on halloween along with all white. There are actually a couple of nurses in my hospital wear all white dresses everytime they work and one who wears a cap
  2. by   1960Spinner
    My pin is made of stainless steel with red and gold inlay. I wish we had caps, even if it is only for graduation, and pictures afterwards. I walk in the halls of my area hospitals and see pictures of graduating nurses from years ago versus those of recent graduates. When I look at the older pictures I know that they graduated from nursing school. When I look at the recent ones and I cannot tell the difference from high school graduation.

    I tried to set up a petition for a cap at graduation and for class pictures, no-one wanted to sign it.
  3. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I graduated in 1984. I had a cap, it was small, and had one navy blue stripe on it. Our pins were dark brass with a ornate edge and a Flo lamp in the middle, with the school name above & below the lamp.
    The pin, I have in my jewelry box. I think. The cap my kids wore for Halloween for years and it got thrown out at some point. I had to wear the cap to my first job and never wore it after that.
  4. by   WalkieTalkie
    I dislike that the answers to the question is "No I didn't have one, sorry." I think that the caps are silly and are the product from an era of nursing in which nurses were often doctors' hand maidens. I personally wouldn't be caught dead in one. Also, these are sexist, as they are pinned to long hair, and since most men don't have long hair (and neither do I and several other women), they would be left out. In addition, I don't think that any of my guy friends would appreciate being made to wear one of these ridiculous things... LOL.

    I do, however, have a pin, which my mother pinned on me during our pre-graudation reception. I like this idea as it it is not sexist or silly looking. It also represents my program and education, which is something to be proud of.
  5. by   lee1
    I had a cap when I graduated back in 1967, looked like a toilet tissue roll stuck on my head, threw it in the trash and never wore it again, ugh !!!!! Still have the pin though. Even had to fight with supervisors who wanted to know where my cap was in the middle of codes while I was under the bed connecting up chest tubes on immediate postop open heart patients in ICUS where we wore white scrubs to top it off.
  6. by   karmil
    I worked my ASS OFF for that cap. I cried the day I tossed it in the drawer and have somehow never missed it since. BUT I must tell you that patients I talk to liked when they could ID NURSES by white uniforms and caps. Today they can't tell between HOUSEKEEPING or RN's in the Hospitals. I am a home health nurse now and try to always wear a white lab coat. I guess I'm just old fashion and proud...I don't want to be mistaken for the bath aide.
  7. by   Iam46yearsold
    I barely remember my cap. I do not even miss it all. I did lose my school pin. But I recently, needed to visit an old friend who is ill. And while there I did visit my old school. Visited with the nurse instructors there. And I was able to get a replacement for my school pin.
  8. by   FranEMTnurse
    Actually I have 2 caps. The one I wore every time I went to clinicals has a baby blue stripe all the way across it.
    The one I wore at graduation had a short red stripe on each side.

    My pin is gold with the lamp of life in the center surrounded by the lettering in a black band of the school I graduated from.

    I attached the pin to my graduation hat that is along with my clinical hat tucked proudly away in my nurses cap bag. They are a treasured part of my belongings.
  9. by   Saifudin
    I received a pin from my hospital program at graduation in 1978. It was gold with the hospital logo in red. Our names were printed on the back. We wore them after graduation on our uniforms and it was common in those days. In the early and playful (still playful but wiser and more mature ) days of my nursing career I thought it would be funny to wear a white painters cap with my pin on it. I did it for 'minute'. Ouch...self-disclosure.

    I 1993 while doing relief work in Bangladesh I sold the pin for the gold.
  10. by   jode
    Well, I had a cap AND a pin. Two of each actually. I had a pin for my LPN and my ADN. My LPN cap was the standard winged cap with yellow and gold strips on the right wing. My ADN cap was the standard winged cap with one black stripe.
  11. by   The Hated Consultant
    I had both a cap and a pin. The cap was one of those traditional cardboard things you see on TV; I tossed that stupid thing the minute after I graduated. I absolutely hated wearing it; it constantly was snatched by curtains and got caught up in IV lines. Some nurses I know cling to that cap; they say they earned it and some even wear the things. I don't need a cap OR a pin to know what I've earned; I see that every time I sign my name and title.
  12. by   nursemel86
    When I graduated PN, we had to wear white and our caps. Our caps are traditional white with a small dark green band (school color). We also were pinned with our school LPN pin by our program chair during a pinning ceremony. I put my pin on my cap. There is a set of bullhorns over my bed (husband is a cowboy!) on one horn hangs his cowboy hat and on the other horn is my nursing cap.
  13. by   juliaguliaRN
    Only the pin, which I'm thankful for because not that the hats are bad but I look AWEFUL in hats the pin is stuck to my graduation tassels, I don't want to lose it...