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  1. Need Help with NY state FNP program

    Does the school need to be in NY? I am also in Western New York and have been looking for online NP programs, and after viewing a great deal of the comments here, I looked into Frontier Nursing in Kentucky. This is a completely online program, and,...
  2. Nursing Student Blog Lawsuit

    I thoroughly read the article. Nowhere in the article does it say who first noticed the posting. The article did say that the mother she was supposed to care for was someone that she knew and worked with. People I know, know I have a myspace page and...
  3. May grads...when are you starting work?

    Graduated in December, Took NCLEX April 9th (Holy Thursday), Received license April 15th, Graduation Ceremony May 17th (yes, a Sunday) and I start my new job on May 18th! :grad:
  4. Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    My intent was to show that there are examples of nurses who do eat their young. I have examples of those who really do care about helping those of become successful in our careers, however, we tend to remember the ones who hurt us simply because the...
  5. "twas The Night Before Christmas ~Senior Style

    FLASHBACKS! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  6. ER Quiz

    That would make it too easy!
  7. Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    I just finished my final semester of school, and I have an experience that really took my breath, and my mind, away. I had a really difficult patient this particular week during clinical, and the floor nurse that I was working with (an angel to say t...
  8. Some advice for new grads

    You have that right. You have lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the term of your schooling, you should continue to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until you actually have that license in your hand! The way the economy is today,...
  9. ATI RN Comprehensive Predictor

    My school already makes passing the ATI-predictor worth 7% of our overall grade along with a paper pencil ATI test worth 3% of our overall grade. I took the predictor and scored a 70. I am scheduled to take my NCLEX in January. So I hope the predi...
  10. Snotty Physicians Office Receptionist

    Perfect time to institute sensitivity training.
  11. Power Outage During Mammogram

    :no:Makes you want to never go!
  12. Yuck!

    I was always told that you will always remember the first bed bath you give. I, on the other hand, will always remember the second bed bath I gave. I had a patient, 88 yof, who I was to give a bed bath. I went in, got everything set up and proceede...
  13. Being a nursing student

    On our first clinical experience, we had a student who had never been around patients before entering school. She was given her assignment and she walked into the room with confidence. She then came back out, her face was as white as a sheet and we...
  14. Funny dreams about your job as a nurse

    While working in a nursing home, the LPN, who was the med nurse, told me that she had a dream about Ativan pills chasing her down the hallways!
  15. I would feel more comfortable having my loved-one in my home, with the help of a private nurse.