Do most people get into Nursing Schools on first try?

  1. Just wondering if people got in on their first try when applying to Nursing school. Also wondering what type of program people applied for (seems like all programs are so compeitive).

    I guess I was luck b/c I got into a DE on the first try, but I know a bunch of people who didnt with excellent qualifications. It just made me wonder....

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  3. by   suzy253
    1st try--three year diploma program
  4. by   Atl_John
    1st try, accelerated BSN, Auburn Univ.
  5. by   Dreamer-RN
    1st try, accelerated BSN/MSN program.
  6. by   SuesquatchRN
    First try, ASN program.
  7. by   queen47
    First try, RN program
  8. by   hlfpnt
    First try, ASN
  9. by   smk1
    first try ADN program
  10. by   cardiacRN2006
    1st try, ADN program, now has over a 3 year wait.
  11. by   Ayvah
    3rd try. Little did I know they were sending people based on whether or not they had been at their school for 15 credit hours rather than looking at students courses from other schools. I already had a bachelors degree from a nearby university with good grades and was going for my ASN because I could afford that much easier than a BSN.

    After reject letter 2 I went to an academic adviser to find out why I wasn't getting in (I was taking pre-reqs and getting straight A's while reapplying as well). He had no idea and sent me to the head of nursing. She had no idea why I wasn't getting in either so she forwarded the question on to one of the "scorers" of the applicants. They called me the next day to tell me of this 15 credit hour rule at their school. I added on a random course to my schedule to just barely get me over 15 credit hours and lo and behold I got in the next time I applied. Would have been nice if this information was posted somewhere... anywhere... :uhoh21:
  12. by   BJLynn
    LPN program, 1st try
    ADN program, 1st try
  13. by   jill48
    1st try. LPN program. 11 years ago. Had to write a paper about why I wanted to be a nurse; easy for me because I can write like crazy.
  14. by   LiveZen
    1st try: RN/BSN program (first 1.5 years is pre-nursing, last 2.5 years is nursing school, you apply and get accepted at the end of your last pre-nursing quarter). This school accepted about 100 of the 300 applicants. Based 100% on GPA.