Do most people get into Nursing Schools on first try? - page 2

Just wondering if people got in on their first try when applying to Nursing school. Also wondering what type of program people applied for (seems like all programs are so compeitive). I guess I... Read More

  1. by   Cherish
    1st try- 5 semester diploma program
  2. by   RN BSN 2009
    I got in on my first try, however a little birdie told me that they have an early admission program, and I got in!
  3. by   81Bubbles
    I got in on my first try. However, I applied to 4 schools at the same time. The first one to respond was the one I took.
  4. by   GooeyRN
    I got in my first attempt. It was an associate program in a community college.
  5. by   msmahan
    Can someone please tell me what classes do you start with to work towards becoming an RN. I have not taken ANY classes in the medical field at all... if you have any advice on where I should go/look which courses to sign up for... also, if you could state the school that you are attending (or attended previously to get you where you are now). I don't want to take any more courses than I have to and same goes for taking too few courses.
  6. by   kangaroo621
    I got in on my 2nd try to an Ivy League NP program -- the 1st time I hadn't finished all prereqs & had the flu for a few of my interviews... that didn't help! :angryfire

  7. by   notaclue
    First try -
  8. by   NursePixie
    I did both in my ADN and BSN program. I am hoping to follow in the same path with FNP program which I just applied for last week.
  9. by   VivaRN
    2nd try, BSN. Highly competitive because the school is too small, they reject 3 equally qualified applicants for every one they admit. Glad I persevered.

    At graduation I was honored as the most outstanding undergraduate. And I almost didn't get to be a nurse!!! :uhoh21:

    1st try, FNP/MPH...
  10. by   mommy2ian&chloe
    1st try, 10 month LPN program
  11. by   ERRNTraveler
    1st try- BSN @ University of WI
  12. by   Alert&Orientedx0
    1st try- Georgetown & Marymount Univ.
  13. by   pegbord
    1st try BSN
    1st try ADN

    Applied to both at same time, willing to take which ever one would accept me, since they both accepted me, I went with BSN.