Do Day Nurses Really Feel that Night Nurses Do Nothing All Night? - page 11

Having worked the 12 hour night shift in many hospitals I find the same things. Day shift nurses leave us so much work to do that we're playing catch up all night. We start off 2 hours behind... Read More

  1. by   NCRN0802
    I think it is an ongoing problem in the nursing profession. Every shift thinks the other shifts don't do any work. It is just not true. I have worked every shift possible in LTC. Each shift has a large work load. The type of work varies depending on the time of day. I currently work day shift and I do work hard. I have to deal with family complaints, drs coming in and out all day long. But night shift you usually have twice the patient load and have half the staff. Nurses need to stop being so critical of each other. We all do an important job. We need to be building each other up, not knocking each other down.
  2. by   psychonaut
    One of the docs I work with once came up to me at the end of my shift (7AM), clapped me on the shoulder, grinned, pointed to the clock, and said, "Keep em' alive till 7:05, good job!" I think he was happy I hadn't woken him up all night
  3. by   Batman24
    I work days on M/S. I have filled in at night for fellow nurses a few times. As it's M/S it's always pretty busy and chaotic. I did however find it less stressful because there aren't many calls and there are less doctors, admin, etc. around. It was still a ton of work but a more pleasant environment on the whole. Not nearly as many interruptions which made it much more enjoyable.
  4. by   softstorms
    Ask some of the night people...why they work nights? You will get many answers. First out...some people are just night people and this works for them! Some work this shift because of child care issues, some because hubby works other shift and they have to share child care. Some (and don't yell at me here) because they think it is easy.
    Some do 2 jobs and this is the second (easy) one. There are many reasons for working third shift. What most workers seem to forget is that even if it is night time, you are still going to be paid just as if you are working 7am till 3 pm or 3-11. You are paid to be alert and up and moving just the same. 11-7 is not an easy shift, but some people use it as a way to work without much effort. For all of us who work hard to get thru our shift.....we really do want the ones who don't to STOP MAKING US LOOK BAD!!!
  5. by   psalm

    I wish everyone every shift had the attitude of coming to work prepared to work, and that we help each other when one is bogged down. We are there for the patient, and if I am caught up with my pts. there is no reason why a patient should have to wait for a PRN med or toileting while his/her nurse or aide is busy with another pt. WE ARE NOT EXPECTED TO BAIL OUT LAZY PEOPLE BUT truly help out where needed. The day will come when I need the help and I will be very grateful my pt. didn't have to wait for me or someone from my team b/c we are busy turning our 500 lb pt, or toileting someone or dressing change.
  6. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from Brita01
    Part of the night shift paperwork involves getting things proper and ready for the day shift to use. And I swear if something gets missed by us we WILL hear about it. It really burns my butt when they come in in the morning complaining about what the night shift didn't do because we ask their secretary to make a call or two for a consult. BUT it's ok for the day shift to pass things to us because it's a "24 hour care hospital".
    Off all the things in nursing, that is probably the one thing that REALLY chaps my hide too!!! One shift would use the "nursing is a 24-hour profession" excuse but refuse to acknowledge the same when the shoe is on the other foot!

    Frankly, that kind of culture/attitude was part of the reason I quit my old job...

  7. by   MrsMissyLPN
    I worked 7p to 7a for almost five years and recently went to days. I have to say that most day shift nurses at my work are under the impression that the night nurses don't do much and they couldn't be more wrong. Each shift is busy but in different ways. But hands down nights was harder and busier d/t all the extras that people think you have all night to do. Days was busy but with the basics. And to all those day nurses that think everybody sleeps all night....In my dreams. lol
  8. by   blondegenes
    Most of us on nights don't even have time to breath, eat, or take a bathroom break.
    They give us more patients than the day nurses.
    It's true that both shifts has its own challenges.
    It's true that patients come to life at night, and we're chasing
    bed alarms if the docs don't prescribe PRN sleep med, alzheimers med, detox aggitation med. Grrrrr.
  9. by   Iam46yearsold
    Of course they do something at night, they sleep. Dont we all know this.

    Just kidding of course.
  10. by   island40
    I've worked med-surg, ER, LTC days, eve & nights and yes some nights are slow, so are some days and there are eveneings when I got to sit and talk with patients and their families. I've had 10 patients on the day shift with 10 baths, meds & assessments to do and 18 on the night shift with baths, meds and assessments to do. In my experience the facility dictates the work load much more than the shift.
  11. by   melz34
    night nurses do work hard and it's not fair that day shift nurses slag them off at night on a childs peadiatric ward that i work on i do observations on my assigned patients then i give 9pm meds then before nine i administer fleet enemas and suppositories and answer to call lights around 11.00 i will have a 30 min break and then get straight back to work other things i will do are right monthly summaries sign back in people who have been out on passes admit new patients from accident and emergency check the stock on med carts and treatment rooms and just walk around the ward checking on the odd few patients i never stop at night obviously we have to let patients sleep sometimes i end up staying an hour after my shift has finished it is so infuraiting to me when day shift nurses say that because i work for my money.

    my typical day shift would be to admit and discharge patients set up iv drips take obs every 4 hours prepare pts for medical procedures and operations give medication answer to call lights get samples and requests for doctors and check on medical supplies i work very hard for money and don't expect day nurses to slag off night shift nurses i see both shifts and there are lazy slackers on both days and nights but i am not one of them:angryfire
  12. by   ohioln
    I worked night shift for many years. There was usually a lot of work to do.and also an occasional emergency or an emergency admission. I've worked 12 hr shifts and there are plenty of meds to give out throughout the night as well as other pt care and admisistrative work (mo. summaries, etc) to do.
  13. by   rgdavisRN
    I always worked day shift, but since I worked med-surg, I knew that the patients didn't sleep quietly all night. Med-surg patients can get really lively at night time depending on their diagnoses. I would come in some mornings and the night shift would look totally worn out.