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Mary C has 10 years experience and specializes in RN, CNM.

Passionate about nursing, writing, and women's health! RN for 10 years, CNM for 4 Experience with Midwifery, LDRP, L&D, PP, DD, nursing education, Pulmonary Stepdown

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  1. Mary C

    New nurse, cervical checks, HELP

    This articleis awesome: The Elusive Cervix: Tips for Performing a Vaginal Exam – Rockford Midwifery If baby is high, its not a low cervix. What did you feel that you thought was 4? Maybe we can help!
  2. Mary C

    To be or not to be, LPN?

    I would go directly for RN, but if you do go the LPN route, familiarize yourself with the process. You can always go back for your RN. Just make sure the school is reputable! How to Become a LPN
  3. Mary C


    I'd love any tips, advice, how to remain an island when people are unprofessional or rude...
  4. Mary C


    It's getting better, and I am trying to stay positive. How are you doing, perfexion?
  5. Mary C


    How are you doing perfexion?
  6. Mary C

    SO much anxiety I don't want to go back

    I spoke with my agency and manager, called off one day because of a migraine, slept about 18 hours and now am ready to face the next 10 weeks. There just may be more chocolate & wine in my off hours for a few months. Should I really bring donuts? :) Patients give us so much food every day, I'm not sure anyone would notice.
  7. Mary C

    SO much anxiety I don't want to go back

    I completely don't understand travel nursing at all. I thought my agency went to bat for me. The shift charge nurse is dismissive of my questions, and this is my first assignment. It is significantly different from any facility I have worked at before. I feel unsafe and that I have no assistance to BE safe.
  8. Mary C

    SO much anxiety I don't want to go back

    Yes, I had an attorney review the contract. I already spoke with people at my agency last week, and it's still not better. I am working with my agency to try to improve things this week, but if that doesn't improve than I am flabbergasted. I have never been physically ill over a job before.
  9. Mary C

    SO much anxiety I don't want to go back

    Yes but if I am missing facility specific things, I hear the other nurses talking about me, but no one ever mentions it to my face. I ask for help or where something is on my third shift and get told that I should already know. I had a migraine the last two shifts the entire time, and this morning threw up just thinking about going to work so I called off. I know that breaking a contract is a huge black mark on myself & my travel company, but I can't do this for 11 more weeks.
  10. Mary C

    SO much anxiety I don't want to go back

    L&D traveler. It's not that I don't know my OB stuff, I do. It's that I am really stressing over figuring out where everything is, and when to call Docs, while having a very short orientation. It's also just a big culture shock to be at a different facility across the country.
  11. Mary C


  12. Mary C

    SO much anxiety I don't want to go back

    Personally, I have 3.5 years L&D and 1 year Med-surg. Feeling like I should have waited another year or so.
  13. Mary C


    I have so much anxiety- on week 2!
  14. It's my first travel job and I have only had 2 shifts, but I have so much anxiety I don't want to go back. My recruiter made it sound so rosy & I am miserable. I don't think that it's the assignment, I think it's just being a traveler. I don't like how I'm treated by some of the other staff and having limited orientation. I don't feel experienced enough to have a 2 day orientation. I should have done my homework, I can't make it through 12 more weeks of this. I chose this job because I had housing here, and I could take the stipend. Is this a normal feeling? Will it pass?
  15. Mary C

    Chloraprep for C-sections

    How far down do you go? I believe we prep down the thighs too. I'd love to watch another nurse but am a new traveler, and didn't happen to get a section in my orientation day on the unit, just got to watch the counts and learn the pacu for a few hours. I jsut want to make sure that I do the best job I can. I know to put on the apgar timer for 3 minutes before they can start.
  16. Mary C

    first time as a travel nurse

    I've been 11 months out and am feeling pretty rusty at my first travel assignment- after 5 years in my specialty and six years total of nursing.

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