Do alternates get in the nursing program

  1. hi, just wondering, i was picked to be an alternate for the fall 09 nursing program at WCCCD. anybody ever been an alternate or know of someone? what was your experience? should i start getting "ready"? thanks
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  3. by   iteachob
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    hi, just wondering, i was picked to be an alternate for the fall 09 nursing program at WCCCD. anybody ever been an alternate or know of someone? what was your experience? should i start getting "ready"? thanks


    I don't know where the school you refer to is, but I can tell you my experience:
    I am faculty at a school in KY. We regularly go 5 or more deep into our alternate pool. We accept a class of 30 each year. Because there are several schools in our area, students often apply at more than one. Because we are by far the most expensive in our area, we sometimes get students who decline a position when they are accepted at another (less expensive) school. The top 4 or 5 alternates at our school have a better than average chance of ultimately gaining a position in the class.
  4. by   Sarah Hay
    I am in the two year associate nursing degree program. It accepts 25 students and one is an alternate. In my program, the alternate did not make it into our RN program as no one dropped out, however, the way our school works is that if no one drops out of the program, you are automatically admitted into the LPN program. I recall my professor saying that usually someone does drop out realizing that this is not for them. I hope this helps you. Good luck!

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    I was number six on the alternate list and I graduate this December!
  6. by   coder
    I was an alternate and was chosen for a spot in the program a few weeks prior to start of classes. I had the highest gpa throughout the program, so don't feel like you are less qualified than any of the students who were already accepted into the program. Not bragging, just want you to know you can do it, too. Best of luck!
  7. by   lunden
    hi thanks that does help. i attend school at wayne county community college in det. mi. i do plan in calling them first thing mon. morning to ask about the top alternates and what happens when there are no room for alternates.
  8. by   stephenfnielsen
    I got in as an alternate. I wasn't really planning on getting in because I was still working on some of the classes that counted towards admission. Anyway, my advise would be to act as if you won't get in and start gaining hospital experience. It will give you a leg up and help you get a job down the road.
  9. by   nolimitam
    I was an alternate for an accelerated RN program at OU in Oklahoma. I was notified that I made the cut two weeks after I got the denial letter and was told that I was an alternate. So, yes it is very likely that you will get a call in my opinion. I was not the only alternate who made it into our program as well. Good luck to you. I just went to our orientation today because class starts June 1st. I am totally hyped and excited about starting.
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    thanks 4 the info
  11. by   RAVns
    I can tell you that I am in a class of 36 and we are on our 2nd alternate. The first one got called about 2 weeks in the program when someone dropped out/got kicked out??? Then that alternate dropped out and the 2nd one got called the 3rd week of class. She was able to acclimate herself to what she missed and caught up nicely....hang in there!!
  12. by   m1284
    I was 3rd on the waiting list at my school, was accepted about a month later into the program. Good Luck!
  13. by   myheart1221
    I too am a student at WCCD... Last year 3 alternates got in. I met one of the girls last semester and she was number 3. So it is possible. I do know that if you don't get in you have to apply again in February. But you don't have to go through the full application process. If you don't get in that time you will have to apply again in June and redo the whole application. Hope that helps!! Good Luck!!
  14. by   lunden
    wow i would think if u r an alternate u would automatically get n next semester. but anyways how is school going? are you n the program?