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  1. myheart1221

    Do alternates get in the nursing program

    No alternates don't automatically get in the next semester.. WCCD does not have a waiting list so you go up against whomever is apply that semester and if there GPA and points exceed yours they will be accepted before you. The alternate list is just used for that particular semester you are applying towards. Just in case someone who is accepted backs out or does not have all there requirements for the first meeting. Have you been to information meeting? I have been 3 times because they keep changing the program and dates. But you must have gone to one if you already applied. I am doing well. I currently have a 3.87 gpa and i have 2 classes left to take before i apply. Not easy thing to do when your 41 and have young kids but i am lucky to have a very supportive husband. I wish you all the best and if you don't get that call please make sure you ask them if there is anything you need to fill out so that you are reapplying in Feb. I don't know if they do it automatically for those who didn't get in or if you just have to fill out another app form. I do know you don't have to go through the other info they require the first time but after the second time you do have to start all over with the application process. Good Luck!!
  2. myheart1221

    Do alternates get in the nursing program

    I too am a student at WCCD... Last year 3 alternates got in. I met one of the girls last semester and she was number 3. So it is possible. I do know that if you don't get in you have to apply again in February. But you don't have to go through the full application process. If you don't get in that time you will have to apply again in June and redo the whole application. Hope that helps!! Good Luck!!