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Lately, (maybe it's cause I'm getting older), I have noticed more and more people that I know getting on disability. Most of these same people were not "good work ethic" people to begin with. I get... Read More

  1. by   nurs4kids
    Hubby's aunt had a nervous breakdown 7 or 8 yrs ago. In her mid 40's, receives disability to this day. Takes prozac QD. Keeps my two precious bratty children (2 & 3yrs old) for 72hrs straight while I'm doing my 12's. Handles them much calmer than I can/do. She still says she can't hold down a "real" job. How much more REAL does it get than two toddlers on one person?? Yeah, I'm paying her good....twice. Oh well, I've got a damn good sitter, though

    My neighbor is on SSI...legally blind, mid 40's. Drives all day long. Can see me waving to him from 100' away. Hell, I do good to see that far away.
  2. by   Q.
    Originally posted by janmae1950

    Insurance used to cover inpatient and outpatient alchohol and drug rehab. However, what has happened is that people are in and out of the rehabs over and over. I don't blame insurance companies for setting limits. I've known people personally who had been in 28 day programs 5-6 or more times each.
    Yes, I agree: my father himself has been in de-tox x3 and 30 day tx x1 (due to money constraints).

    However, NO treatment for ANY illness is a guarantee. Routine chemotherapy has failed for certain Non-Hodgkins lymphomas, yet, those are covered.

    I really think that if insurance companies paid more up front, the overall cost to society would be less in that his complications would be lessened, his ER visits would be next to nil, and, he could be a productive member of society again.
    Mental health services are sooooo expensive, and, despite the premiums my mom pays for insurance on her waitress wage, it does nothing for him because none of it's covered. We have to pay out of pocket, and well, we can't afford it. So there he sits. But then, you have an overweight person who collects money for a condition that in MY mind is JUST as controllable as alcoholism. So this obese broad is getting my tax dollars, yet, I can't afford to help my father??? Something is ass-backwards here.
  3. by   fiestynurse
    Here is the hotline for reporting social security disability fraud.
    If you really think someone is not legit - then turn them in! It's these few bad apples that make it hard on the ones who are truly disabled and need this benefit to survive.

  4. by   mattsmom81
    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    Mattsmom - yes. Remember workers comp is intended to cover you for any injury that arises out of the "course and scope" of your employment.

    The, ahem, "working women" of Nye County are required to have their clients wear... er, ah.... protective gear in order to reduce the risk of any contact with... uh.. hazardous materials. hee. :imbar

    Good grief! Well, I guess they're legal out there, so they qualify. LOL! Thanks, LasVegasRN! Wonder if accidental pregnancy would be covered by WC...or getting killed by a john 'in the scope of employment'? Hmmm....
  5. by   OrphanAnnie
    I worked in a nursing home for 18 yrs. as an R.N. have had 3 shoulder surgeries and chronic low back pain. Lost the use of my right arm before the last surgery. My ROM is improving slowly, still have much pain some days can't do a lot. Applied for disability almost 1 1/2 yrs. ago on my surgeon's advice and was denied repeatedly. Finally got a lawyer and it may go to trial. I've read about some nurses getting disability with Latex allergies alone...which I also have ...but have been able to work around that one. I miss work and would like to go back..but I'd risk losing the use of my arm. To see me...I look fine. I can lift no more than 10-15 lbs. and NO repetitive movements of any kind allowed. So that leaves me pretty much out. Work on my digital photograpy when I can and do a little of this and that. I'm much too young to be disabled (52) but here I am. It's no fun.
  6. by   LasVegasRN
    << Good grief! Well, I guess they're legal out there, so they qualify. LOL! Thanks, LasVegasRN! Wonder if accidental pregnancy would be covered by WC...or getting killed by a john 'in the scope of employment'? Hmmm....>> Mattsmom

    The "working girls" are REQUIRED to have the customers wear condoms. It's similar if you work in a plant that processes hazardous materials and you fail to wear the protective gear your employer requires you to wear and you get poisoning from one of the materials. Is your employer liable for you failing to adhere to the safety protocols they require? I don't believe we've had any claims for accidental pregancies as of yet, but that would be an interesting case for sure.
    Yes, if they are harmed by a "customer" that is within the scope of employment. The one "working girl" case I had was a low back injury. No... I did not ask and did not want to know HOW it occurred. She listed it as a "strain" and that was enough for me to do my job. It was the Claims Adjustor's decision to accept the claim, my job to coordinate her care to get her back to pre-injury status. I'm just glad I wasn't the one who had to go out to the brothel and do a job analysis.
  7. by   mattsmom81
    Excuse me for venting here. I read about Annie and so many others with chronic pain and disability who can't get any SSD help, then I read about the 400 pounders slowly eating themselves to death...and THEY qualify for SSD!!!!???? This burns me...

    How does a nurse in Annie's situation get someone to hire her even if she finds a job she can safely do? That in itself is a challenge for a nurse... so many of us are in similar situations...we are a comp risk and if we can't lift 100 lbs facilities immediately try to exclude us ... I understand they don't want to insure us.... We are 'risky hires' even in a PRN zero benefit desk job, and they will fabricate a 20# lift requirement to exclude us.

    I tried to get a monitor tech position just to have a few bucks coming in and keep my mind busy while I rested up and debated spinal surgery...the hospital made it so difficult for me I just backed out and now sit at home...depressed, hurting and slowly going bankrupt. I pray my upcoming surgery will be successful but reality is it may not.

    I don't understand how this SSD system works/thinks. I know, I know ...'accept the things I cannot change...yaya'.

    Thanks for letting me vent...all done now! :roll
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  8. by   whipping girl in 07
    Recently had a patient in our ICU who was trying to get worker's comp for his ANEURYSM because it happened at work! Had a lawyer and everything...

    Hubby has an uncle who's been on SSI for years for his knee; he fixes cars on the side and fishes every day...

    Bro-in-law diagnosed with CA a couple of years ago; could not get any benefits for a year, even though he had no insurance (his company only offered it to employees above his level) and could not work. So the family kept them afloat for a year until they got some benefits. But their benefits are too much for their kids to qualify for Head Start...

    The mom of a girl I graduated with is on full disability from an illness she had summer before last. When I was bytching about my childcare woes to this girl, she said her mom could come to my house and care for my son and clean it too (but she can't hold a full-time job)...

    Same girl managed to get food stamps while attending college. She's 22 or 23 now, I believe, no kids, I still can't figure out how she did it. And she was getting $10,000+ financial aid a year to use at a public university (and none of it was loans!)...

    When my husband left me in middle of second clinical semester of nursing school, I could not get any kind of benefits until I became destitute. They actually suggested I drop out of school and work as a CNA (since I'd been there long enough to learn those skills)...

    Husband and I are back together by the way...

    I could go on and on...