Didn't you know that nurses are responsible for EVERYTHING???

  1. Okay, so today I was floated to a step down cardiac/surgical unit. Since I hardly ever float, I was given the "easy" crew. I had a AAA, that was 5 days out. Still had an epidural intact. When the surgeon came around, I asked him about the epidural. He said that anything with the epidural that he was going to leave up to the anesthesiologist. If I had any questions to ask him. But before the surgeon left, he said that he really didn't think that the patient would need the epidural for much longer. Half hour passes.....................The anestheisologist shows up, attempt to read the doctors note, (which I hadn't had time to read yet and at that time couldn't make sense of the note) asked me what I thought about the epidural. I told him exactly what the surgeon told me. The anestheisiologist decided to d/c the epidural. I never told the anestheisiologist to pull the catheter or stated that the doc said to pull it. So he pulls out the catheter and tells me that I should call for some oral pain control. I do. The doctor blows up at me asking why the anestheisiologist didn't call him to ask him and asked me who it was. Like I know!!! Later when I read the doctor notes it said something like.... when bowel function returns d/c epidural d/c am. That is what the note stated after deciphering the chicken scratch.

    I just want to know when it was decided that we were responsible for the actions of other doctors. Sorry I just had to vent.

    BTW the patient ended up finally having the 1st BM 3 hours post removal. So everything really worked out in end.
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  3. by   debbyed
    I have found over the years that physicians will not directly confront each other, they will almost always yell at the nurse about what an a$$hole the other physician is.

    I have learned to stop this behavior immediately but simply stating, "Sorry Sir/Ma'am but this sounds like a physician problem to me so you will have to discuss it with Dr. SOo & So". I than walk away or if on the phone I ask is there is anything else I could help with. If the physician continues his triate I quietly inform him that I am hanging up and I do so. This type of behavior modification seems to be quite effective and makes life a whole lot easier.
  4. by   P_RN
    Gee whiz. Don't you know that they "were thinking about...." I had a doc who wrote so bad even HE couldn't decipher it after it got "cold."

    How dare we try to do what's good for our patients?

    I'm just waiting til Nurses are "responsible" for the budget.....I'm putting ALL of you in for 200% raises!!! Oh yeah and I'm laying off 75% of the "clipboard people" while I'm at it!
  5. by   debbyed
    Heck, I'd be just as happy getting rid of 75% of the "clipboard people and sharing their salaries.

    Course if we added 75% of the "sit at the desk and have stupid ideas people" we'd propably have the 200% raise.
  6. by   nur20
    ROFLMAO !!!! Love that one debbyed !!!
  7. by   OC_An Khe
    But why just laying off 75% of the clipboard people? Bet you could get that raise to 300% with a little more creative thinking.
  8. by   majic65
    Hey, I've worked places where the nurses WERE responsible for the budget! We were told repeatedly that if we coulnd't "save money for the company" we couldn't get raises. What they meant was take all the shortcuts you possibly can. And you'll still get blamed for ":lost charges" etc. by the smart-alecl unit clerk who thinks she knows everything and is in charge
  9. by   P_RN
    Majic, yeah where I worked we had to do those "lost charges" too. I stayed on the shjt list because I wouldn't do "creative charging" like the NM wanted.

    And shoot I hadn't had a raise since '97 anyway and that was the year they made 41 mil. in profits.