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  1. by   zudy
    I breast fed both my kids for 24 months, pumped for about 12 on both. I worked weekend option at that time, my then-husband would bring the baby up to work sometimes,( I worked sat 12 hrs, Sun 16 hrs) when I got home to sleep I would just put baby in bed with me to nurse while I napped. If you need to pump DO IT. There are still labor laws in this country, you do get breaks, use them. I would also suggest a talk with a lactation consultant, and talking with the La Leche Legue( yes, yes I know the breast-feeding nazis, but they do have lots of good ideas.) Most of all, good luck in what ever decision you make.
  2. by   opalmRN
    Originally posted by zudy
    La Leche Legue( yes, yes I know the breast-feeding nazis, but they do have lots of good ideas.)

    Both statments are sooooo true!
    :roll :roll :roll

  3. by   zudy
    I know they can be so PUSHY(the LLL) but they are so SINCERE, I sorta took them with a grain of salt. You know, what ever blows your nursing bra up.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    In 1981 I tried to pump and breastfeed while working fulltime swing shift...I found it very difficult..I would let down milk at work (embarassing)...got stressed and I'm sure my baby sensed that so he was wanting to nurse q 2 h when I was home...so very little sleep, rest.

    I stuck with it a month then had to go to bottle for my sanity. My son seemed more contented as well. I think some will pressure women to breastfeed and it is a totally personal decision. I was glad I tried and that I gave my son the benefits of at least 1 month, but breastfeeding is not for everyone, IMO.
  5. by   Ms.Hobbes
    I went back to work part-time with each of my children and managed to pump and continue breastfeeding. It does take a considerable amount of commitment, but it is so worth it! They have several new laws supporting breastfeeding, also. It is a good idea to read and educate yourself about the best way to pump and keep your milk suppy up, I recommend a fully electric double pump, Medela makes a great one called the pump-in-style. Double pumping keeps your Prolactin levels high and a fully electric pump shortens your time. Also having a picture of your baby to look at is helpful.
    I have known women that have worked full time and have been able to continue breastfeeding, but if working part-time is an option I would suggest it just because these babies grow-up so fast Anyway any length of time you can breast feed is better than nothing at all. My son is 19 months and still nursing. I nursed my daughter for 18 months. Good luck to you!
  6. by   leeca
    You can actually breast feed and bottle feed with formula, using the formula when you can't breast feed or pump, then breast feed when you are able to.

    My doctor recommended this and l did it with both my chiildren, less stress for me and my kids are fit and healthy, and they took to both methods with no problems.
  7. by   mark_LD_RN
    Originally posted by hoolahan
    [ Once, one of the nurses had her breast milk in the fridge, and one of the docs used it for his coffee!!! [/B]
    whats wrong with that I know it is not the first time that happened. my dad did the same thing when my wife was breastfeeding

    but as far as can you breast feed and work as a nurse it depends on the job. we have several nurses all over our hospital that bf and work sucessfully