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NOT be a nurse?? I can't believe how many nurses told me about that instructor who "had it in for them" or "told me I couldn't cut it." Did it happen to you? It did to me. But I stuck to my... Read More

    Never had an instructor tell me to quit, but I had one that gently reminded me that perhaps I should stay away from a certain area :chuckle

  2. by   caroladybelle
    I had only one instructor discourage me from becoming a nurse, and she truly made my life hell. I have ulcerative colitis (stays in good remission). She had been taught that IBD clients had mental disorders that caused the disease and that because of that - I should not become a nurse.
  3. by   kellyseye
    once, at the end of my first four months
    my first four months were the most horrendous months of my life ... well not nice anyway ... i had lots of sick leave ... several attempted resignations ... always to be talked out of it ... lots of tears , nightmares ... absolute dread of going in to work ...

    i slipped through the first four months .. i still am not sure how i did it without gettin myself into trouble ...

    anyway this dumb cow ... decided to wait until my last day on this particular ward to ask me if i was sure i should have gone into nursing ...

    i couldnt believe .. rather than try to help me out in the beginning .. when all of the problems coulda been relieved .. she waited til the end to tell me how hopeless i was hehe ... bloody woman!

    so anyway i wrote her a nice newsy letter ... three pages if i remember ... telling her exactly wot i thought of her n how she worked as a nurse/educator to new grads ... in the end ... i think it was more a personality thing believe it or not ... she told me that shed always felt since i started working there that i hadnt liked her ... and i didnt ... but that wasnt the point

    she asked me if i would have liked to have taken it further a formal complaint bout her i guess ... and at the time .. i didnt ... cos i was leaving that place anyway .. to move on to my next rotation ... i got alot of support from the other staff both senior n junior also when they found out wot she had done to me ...

    anyway, end result was ... i moved on , finally found my feet in other areas and had extremely wonderful staff to work with after her ... gained all my confidence n so on after that ward ...

    when i left that hospital ... a few yrs later , i ran into her ... she always had felt uncomfortable since wot she had done and told me i had taught her a lesson ... i told her i was glad and that she should watch her mouth in future ... cos if she got someone who was not as stubborn n pig headed as me ... she could have been the cause of many a new grad walking out of nursing n never going back!

    spose im not angry so much now ...just sum stupid satisfaction i have ... i still do have a smug grin on my face tho when i think of her ... and think .... well i turned the cards on her ... and i kno id outskill her outwit her out anything her anyday any place any time ...

    so im vindictive n nasty .. wot can i say !
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by obnurseheather
    never had an instructor tell me to quit, but i had one that gently reminded me that perhaps i should stay away from a certain area :chuckle

    heather, care to share the area and the story with us.
  5. by   sparrow
    Never. One talked me into STAYING in nursing school every time I tried to resign and I've never forgiven her!
  6. by   GPatty
    Never tried to talk me out of it. Every one of them were very supportive of all of us....
    They were a great bunch of instructors!
  7. by   KaroSnowQueen
    In nursing school I was told I should quit because I refused to cut my waist length blonde hair, the instructor said that put up in a bun, French braid, etc did not look "professional". I refused to cut it, finished school and still have it, except now it's past my butt!
    Later on in school, I was told to quit when I became pregnant because no one ever finished who got pregnant. I brought my baby to graduation!!!!!
    They thought I would quit because they thought so, however I am the sort who keeps on doing anything when told not to!!!!
  8. by   jenac
    My med-surg instructer was the coldest, most intimidating person I have ever met. Most of our problems were personnal-she was a classic control freak and I like explainations...I liked to understand things, and she truely just wanted you to do what she said, when she said it, how she said it-with no hesitation. I am not a robot-and I needed/wanted rationale for a decision (hence the LEARNING aspect of school, or so I thought...). I spent more days than I care to remember hiding in the bathroom crying my eyes out. I felt that nothing I did was right- or ever enough. I was scared to death the entire rotation. I always carried good grades-and looked for learning opportunities every where I could. If something was going on that I could learn from- I was right there! In each rotation, every staff member I worked with would tell me how great I was doing- but this instructer ended almost each day with ,"I'm dissapointed in you...." I wanted to quit a few times- but here I am, license in hand, and this women did not beat me. So- HA!
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