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I don't recall seeing any self-testing devices for PT or INR in client homes, but I read about them - such as Coaguchek, ProTime, Avocet many people have their own devices for checking blood... Read More

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    Because it doesnt STAY therapeutic!

    Some people are lucky enough to not have to worry - like your boyfriend - but I will tell you he is very much the exception, not the norm.
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    Don't forget bed bound patients. Chronically ill patients often have tons of equipment and need someone to transport them. (Think vent/o2 etc) Someone who gets stuck all the time might not have the best veins either. I am also thinking about how in LTC sometimes the lab misses a patient and you have to call a stat at 6p. Our lab is 45 min away and they travel to other facilities. 'stat' can be a few hours then you call the md who calls in a few hours and give that 8p coumadin at 10 pm - not the best situation! I love it! Technology is so great!
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    LOL Kimmie!!!

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    I've been phoning the drugstores in my area to find out if they know about these devices

    some don't carry them
    another says they do carry the kits, but the pharmacist is away on maternity leave until the fall, and this is the person who trains re: use of the kits

    how do people get the training, is it that difficult to test the finger stick?
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    I am happy for any device that could increase our patient's compliance with having their INRs checked. Some patient's just don't get it regarding how seriously dangerous Coumadin can be, even when they are educated again and again. They certainly also put us in a pickle when they are generally non-compliant, yet continue to request Coumadin refills. Do you say no and put them at risk of a death from a clot or give the refill and have them possibly hemorrhage to death. Trust me, I have nightmares about them.
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    The machines are a bit more difficult to use than a glucometer - for one thing they require more blood, quite a lot more. Some models require that the blood be sucked into a capillary tube which is a feat in and of itself - without bubbles!

    Once learned, it is not big deal, but you don't want to burn up expensive supplies learning. The Coaguchecks come with a video or DVD.
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    I have had to take coumadin in the past, and it was very nice to be able to test the PT/INR from a fingerstick as opposed to a lab draw. Home health checked it for so long, and when I no longer required them, I had to go to lab draws.