Day 4: 2016 Nurses Week Top 5 Things Contest

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  2. As a nurse, you're constantly learning. Whether you're a first year nurse still learning the ropes or you've been in the nursing field for multiple decades, you've likely learned countless lessons. For today's contest, list the top five things you have learned as a nurse, submit it in the comments below and you'll be entered to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card!

    Winner will be announced May 13, 2016

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  4. by   NoctuRNal_UnicoRN
    1. Everything needs to be done yesterday. No, they don't have time to help.
    2. The perfect supportive shoe does not exist
    3. I won't die if the only food I injest for 12 hours is coffee and aleve
    4. The urge to void doesn't become painful until I have time to.
    5. No makeup can survive on a nursing floor
  5. by   NanikRN
    1) it's never really about the cold oatmeal (or med late, bed not made right, etc)
    2) never take it personally-- this is their life issue
    3) good coworkers/ teamwork save the day ( or night)
    4) beware the nursing karma god( what you leave undone or dump etc may come back to you 10 fold)
    5) make eye contact and smile. We all need human connection
  6. by   Molly.RN
    1. Everything will go wrong/get super busy near the end of your shift.
    2. It's not just werewolves that come out with the full moon, the crazies come out too!
    3. Your ability to keep your "nurse face" on during chaos will become invaluable.
    4. You will never need to scratch your nose more than when you're in full isolation gear.
    5. When your patient says they can't hold it anymore, oooooh boy you better get them on that toilet pronto!
  7. by   joanna73
    1) Anything can and will go wrong, anytime. Even the stable patients are not that stable.

    2) A full moon means you will have a very interesting shift.

    3) People do not sleep at night. Night shift is not easier, just different.

    4) Learn how to compartmentalize.

    5) Say no to overtime and extra shifts if you truly do not want it. The staffing crisis has been ongoing for years.
  8. by   jadelpn
    1. Know what you know, but you don't know everything

    2. It is never too late to learn

    3. You do you

    4. If it is too good to be true it usually is

    5. Use your resources
  9. by   nickster26
    1. When your a male nurse workplace bullying does not apply to you!
    2. Being a Male nurse automatically comes with an everyday sentence to 12 hours of hard labor!
    3. As a male nurse there is no such thing "hold on a sec while I get some help to straighten you in Bed"... Because you are the help!
    4. Male nurses are expected to be angels, superman, and batman all at the same time (Angeleruperbats- is what we should be called instead of murses)
    5. At the end of that day, it feels great to know that after everything is set and done you have found a profession that allows you to help people in every way you can!
  10. by   W100
    1. When you become complacent errors are made
    2. Teamwork, enough said
    3. Having a family or patient thank you like you were some kind of hero is a one of kind feeling/experience
    4. Just when you think you've seen just about everything, something new will happen
    5. Learn to roll with the punches and embrace the unexpected
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  11. by   RN1488
    1. Never forget you are taking care of humans...not just a room number.
    2. Everyone has bad days, it will get better
    3. Document EVERYTHING, if you don't have time at the moment, make yourself a note.
    4. Always carry extra pens (and a small notepad in your pocket)
    5. Extra clothes can save your day sometime... don't forget the socks.
  12. by   dianadRN
    -Keep your distance from the overly aggitated patient!
    -Not peeing for 12 hours could literally land you in a world of hurt.
    -Your CNAs will only be as good to you as you are to them, so follow the golden rule!
    -Doctors are HUMANS TOO, don't be afraid to confront them if you think something is off.
    -Good teachers make for good nurses, don't eat your young.
  13. by   smileyball
    1) You're not just caring for the patient. You're caring for their family as well.

    2) Doctors are human, too. Sometimes they know, sometimes you give them reminders of this.

    3) A mentor goes a long way in keeping you both sane and safe.

    4) The longer management has been away from direct patient care, the more unrealistic their expectations of what/how things should be done for the patient.

    5) Everyday gives you a new opportunity to learn and grow, sometimes professionally, other times personally. Sometimes, both.
  14. by   Heather Nix, RN
    1. Nothing is like nursing school in the real world.
    2. There is no way to explain how a GI bleed smells.
    3. When it's your family it's all different.
    4. You actually can hold your pee for 12 hours.
    5. Doctors would be absolutely lost without their nurses.
  15. by   abba1215
    1. listen first
    2. it's team work.I'm not the main character.
    3. It's about somebody's mother, father, son and daughter.
    4. think before respond
    5. help before it comes as your duties.