Could be nursing school reject w/4.00

  1. Hi,
    I am a student at a University in the state of Texas. I recently applied to one nursing school, with Bachelor's Programs the schools each require different classes. Anyway, I received a letter on Friday saying I was missing a class and was not eligible. I went to the admissions coordinator and spoke to her on Monday. She said that even though I exceed every requirement and should be on the very top of the list, I may be kept out of the program because a transcript for one three-credit-hour class reached the transcript office four days after the nursing application deadline. I sent for this transcript in December and it arrived in February.
    This is where my problem begins and I do not yet know where it all ends. The requirements for the program are: you must have at least a 3.00, have completed 36-48 hours and must have at least a C in all of the science classes. The student must be able to complete all the pre-nursing classes prior to the start of their clinical program, which for me would be August 2004.
    I have a 4.00, have completed 51 credit hours and I am taking a full 13 hours now and will have all the pre-nursing classes done in May. I was not aware that the transcript had arrived after the deadline but was never told either that if a transcript did not arrive for one class then I would be rejected. I do not have to have this class completed until August. If I would have taken it in the summer, it would fine, but since I already have taken it then I am on the brink of not getting in. According to the requirements, I have more than the required 36-48 hours needed to apply to the program. If they are worried about this statistics grade arriving four days late then they could simply not include it in my credits for the selection process. The admissions coordinator said she has to check some things out and is calling me back to reveal my fate today. I have worked so hard for this and I am not asking for anything that I don't deserve, I only want to get into the program. I have a 10k scholarship waiting on me and also I would have to spend even more money trying to finish the requirements for another school before the next class starts in January, not to mention I will lose 6months pay as a R.N. if I don't get in.
    Thanks for reading this,
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Something just came to mind:::::::
    Did you ever follow up to see if your transcript was received, or did you just assume that it was? Unfortunately that is how many things happen. The responsibility falls 100% with you. If you were applying for a grant or loan and your papers arrive one day after the deadline, no grant, etc. Same thing with CGFNS. If everything is not received by the CGFNS office by the deadline, then you must wait another four months to take the exam.

    I am sorry if I am sounding tough but I run into this on almost a daily basis. Because something doesn't arrive at the Embassy or at a certain office by a deadline, things won't usually get changed. You can try the Director of the program but remember the final outcome is based on you and not what someone didn't do.

    Good luck...................................
  4. by   avery
    I did check and make sure it was sent from my other school on Jan.16th. I did call the academic office and make sure it was received. I did not know that if one transcript was not received that I would be out. It was 3 mail days late, it could have simply been sitting in a bin somewhere at the transcript office before they opened it.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Unfortunately things have happened like this to too many people that I know. I only send any type of document by courier service so that I know exactly who signed for it and when. Then you also have documented proof that it was received in a certain office by such and such a day.

    Hope that everything works out okay for you. Good luck. Keep us posted.
  6. by   tonicareer
    Apply to other schools. Beg this school to let you in so you won't lose scholarship. Ask scholarship people if you can hold the scholarship for 1 year or whatever. These are your options. If the statisics class is not a requirement maybe they will let it slide.
  7. by   purplemania
    I would telephone the Dean of the College of Nursing and POLITELY explain your dilemma. If you approach it professionally, with all your credentials, the Dean is more likely to pull for your admittance. Someone always drops out. Ask if you can be on a waiting list, if all else fails. Then follow up on whatever the Dean says, but do not be a pest. Just be professional. So sorry you are experiencing this.
  8. by   Nightcrawler
    The fact is that nursing programs are so competitive, and slots are so rare, that even with a 4.0 you may not even have ended up at the top of the list because you do not already have all of the requirements finished.

    Even though they may allow people to apply prior to completing all of their pre nursing classes, preference may still be given to those that are already done, regardless of the GPA. In this way the program can be assured that they are not giving a slot to someone who may not end up satisfactorily completing the required classes. Regardless of your history, you could have a family emergency, car accident, etc...(god forbid) and not be able to finish your classes on time.

    As for your transcript arriving late, that really isn't the responsibility of the program. When I applied at my program I needed to get a transcript for my prereq's even though I had taken them at that college. I could have had the registrars office just send it over to the nursing department directly, but I was not willing to take the chance of having it get lost on the way, so I picked it up and delivered it, along with the rest of my application materials personally at the nursing office. I never count on a school to send a transcript directly unless it is absolutely specified by a scholarship committee, and I always pay the extra money to have it sent to me at my address as a rush order. My applications are my responsibility. It may be someone else's job to send them out, but the person at the registration office of that college will not pay my rent, or have to live my life if I get denied because of their error. CYA all the way.

    I'm sorry that this happened to you, and I hope that they do reconsider their decision, but regardless of the outcome let this be a lesson to you to never assume that someone will do what they promised to. When you are a nurse you will be responsible for following through to make sure that the tasks that you delegated were carried out, not doing so may cost the life of a patient
  9. by   jemb
    Sorry you have this extra obstacle to get through.

    My guess is that you are not personally being 'penalized' for the transcript's being late, but that all the available slots were taken before your transcript arrived (or was seen, if it was there sitting in a bin). That could have happened even if your transcript had arrived weeks earlier.

    I think Purplemania gave you great advice.
  10. by   Town & Country
    Welcome to nursing.
    This is the first of many such unfair, outrageous events you will endure.

  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Quote from Shezam!
    Welcome to nursing.
    This is the first of many such unfair, outrageous events you will endure.


    yep and the strong ones with thick skin and a real backbone survive.