Considering Nursing School at 52

  1. i'm 52 years old and am considering pursuing an lvn route. i'd considered nursing many years ago, but was talked out of it and regret i didn't pursue this course. i'm energetic and fit as a fiddle, so to say - very athletic and love life, and love helping people. i'm also a hospice volunteer, and have done lay counseling in grief and relationships. i have experience in clerical work, accounting, and human resources, and have a b/a degree in history. i'm listing these things as a means to briefly describe my background and experiences. i'm considering the lvn route because i'd like to have more hands-on, personable experience with the patients. i want to be able to assist them both physically and emotionally.

    my questions are these: would my age be a factor in "not" considering pursuing a nursing career? also, i've thought about the private school route, since i heard that there isn't a waiting period, and the pre-reqs can be completed during that time. does anyone know about american career college in ontario, ca? and what is the tution there? i have saved my money over the years, so i may be able to afford and pursue this route.

    any and all information would be truly appreciated! i don't mind hearing the truth, albeit pros or cons. i just want to make sure i have as much information and viewpoints as possible before pursuing this route. thanks in advance!
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  3. by   VORB
    Go for it. You would not have been the oldest in my class - by far. Though younger than you, I got into it mid-life too. You will find that your stability (relative to many others in your class) will be be an asset.
  4. by   Lucky0220
    ABSOLUTELY--DO IT!! I just graduated in December, 2008 from a private 2 year college because the pre-reqs were included in the program. I turned 59 one week before my final day of school! Passed NCLEX in February and am now working on a med/surg floor. You would not believe how fast school goes by. Best of luck to you.
  5. by   want2beanurse2
    Hello Luvlife845.....I'm 32, pursuing a Nursing career and at times I feel like I have gotten off to a late start. But It is never too late! my Mother will be 49 this year although she has held a wonderful job for the last 20 years she still to this day regrets not going to college! Her job will pay for the majority of school but healthcare is not a related occupation so they will not cover it. I can say that there are several young ladies that I work with pursuing Nursing also, these young ladies are between the ages of 18-21 and although they are exceptional students and have good personalities I think they lack in wisdom and maturity. At 52 I am sure this is somthing you would be able to bring to the table! I often run across patients that have taken care of themselves very well that are in their late 80's early 90's and I am so amazed at how they look, carry themselves and get around! So who determines what's too old? We all have dreams, only we can make our dreams come true. Life is short, and time flies so quickly, if this is truly a dream that you want to be a reality I say reach for the stars! Even if you only work as a nurse for a day it would be such a wonderful feeling to know that you accomplished it, for you! I'm sure some managers will discriminate but I'm confident that some facility will see you for you and can appreciate you and all your special qualities! redbeatheredbeathe
  6. by   MaverickyMaverick
    Go for it! You can have it done in two years or less especially if you have a degree already! That will go by like nothing.... Good luck!
  7. by   bubbly
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Age is not a factor to pursue nursing. In fact, the oldest graduate in my nursing class was in her late 50s. I would also recommend applying to multiple nursing schools in your area just to increase your chances for acceptance. I think you have a very good background for a future in nursing. As for affording school, you may want to look in being a nurse assistant as a side job because sometimes the place will pay for tuition and you can gain a lot of good learning experience that way. Most important is that you said you regretted not pursuing nursing earlier. If you don't take this opportunity now, you will always regret it! Good luck!!!!
  8. by   DroogieRN
    Go for it! I'm a 44 year old RN student -- I'll be 45 (and a half!) when I finish. It's never too late. All the learning keeps you young. Plus, every age brings something different to the table. A lot of times, I find that I am mistaken for a seasoned nurse, simply because I am not as young as the rest of the students (especially since I proudly bear the title of oldest student in my program! But you'll find that there are lots of more mature ones. A woman graduated my program a few years ago at 59!).

    A side note: I think LVN is a fine pursuit. In fact, that was the road I was on during my pre-reqs. But an RN would most likely take only one more year (don't know what it's like in Canada). As you age, you might find there are more opportunities for you with your RN that might be easier on you physically, if you plan on working until a ripe old age. Just my .

    Best of luck, whatever you decide!
  9. by   Mrs.BSN71109
    GO FOR IT!!! My mom was 45 when she went for her LPN and at 52 shes getting her RN ... all things are possible no matter your age!!!
  10. by   LuvLife845
    Thank you all for your encouragement!! I appreciate all the suggestions and advice as well. It's wonderful to know that so many people from different age groups are pursuing nursing careers. I'm really excited about pursuing this route, for I do love learning and also desire to help people. And yes, it's been something I wanted to do in the past. I may consider the CNA route, as someone suggested, so as to get a feel as to what is required. Also, I liked the advice about later pursuing the RN route, which may not be as physically demanding as one gets older. Thanks again for all the input which I wholeheartedly appreciate! Now, what I need is to find a good school in southern California. If any of you know of private, semi-private or even good public schools/colleges within the S. Calif. area, I'd love hearing about those.
  11. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Go for it ! For goodness sakes you're only 52 years young.
  12. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    Go for it! My friend is older then (54) you and she is dong very well in school And... she is not only one in the class over 50
  13. by   anncg
    I really appreciate you people at your age..:bowingpur. that is an encouragement to everybody who aspire to go to nursing school. age is only on numbers, as long as you can take care anybody at any age theres no such thing as old. At 40 I graduated in BSN at 41 become an RN....still I want to go for MSN....its not yet too late for all of us. Go for it!!!!!
  14. by   qt2168
    I think you should do it! If you feel young at heart then nothing can stop you. In my exp. older students are the best ones. GOOD LUCK. Keep us posted!