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I started a new job last week in a hospice. My job description grows by the minute. I am in charge of admitting all patients and continued care of them, HR, QI, Intake, all on call, all weekend,... Read More

  1. by   jnette
    GOOD FOR YOU !!! You DID it !!! I agree fully with what Ratched said. and THEN some ! How DARE they.. "need to be more of a self-starter"... why? Are they afraid for you to see the regs, etc.? How totally despicable and unprofessional...and of COURSE they wanted you to do the full 90 days ! They had to have SOMEBODY ! But you just weren't that fool, now, were you? Good for you ! Three cheers for Renerian! :roll
    That place scares me for their patients... shewie !

    I'm glad you had the sense and the courage to get out and get out FAST !

    Pat yourself on the back... and move on with your head held high.

    The best of everything in your next adventure ! :kiss
  2. by   renerian
    Thank jnette!!!!!!!

  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    (((((hugs))))). i pray all works out for the best.
  4. by   renerian
    Thanks future......

  5. by   RNConnieF
    Run, don't walk away from this position. They are using you and your kind heart. You can get a position with either an inpatient or out patient hospice that doesn't require so much from you. This is nuts!
  6. by   renerian
    Thanks Connie, I did leave and I feel better already.........

  7. by   BBFRN
    Originally posted by fedupnurse
    BAIL!!!!!!!!! STAT!!!!!!!!!!!
    :roll :chuckle :chuckle
  8. by   renerian
    Yes I did run! I see the ad for the position in the paper too..........some poor SUCKER will respond and undoubtedly do the same thing. I was not the first person to leave that position.

  9. by   kmchugh
    Originally posted by renerian
    Thanks everyone for your input......................the director is emailing and calling me trying to get me to change my mind.


    You now have your current bosses over a barrel. They know you are looking elsewhere, and will probably take the first thing that comes along. Now is the time to sit down with your current boss, and tell him/her "This is what it will take to get me to stay." Include that they must pay, in advance, for conferences, with associated costs (travel, accomodations, etc), a committment to pay for ALL UHP supplies, up front, by the company. If they want, THEY can set up an invoice arrangement with a health care supplies company. You might also include salary plus overtime (I make pretty good money as a CRNA, and I get salary plus time and a half for overtime). Think about what will be needed to make life more bearable for both you and your employer. You get the picture. If you need a lawyer involved to write up a contract, you hire the lawyer. That way, the lawyer works for you, not the company.

    Kevin McHugh
  10. by   flaerman
    I have been an RN for the last 17 years, when I get tired or disgusted with what I do I do another type of nursing. I have done M/S, oncology,PCU/CVSD,ICU, and now work in the ER. There are times when I get frustrated, on the floors it's doing that same old grind day in and day out, with the ER I love the critcal care stuff and the truly sick people we see and treat. The downside is the stupid people and things we treat because someone has no insurance or doesn't want to wait to see to their doctors, or the drunks/overdoses etc. I try to go to the beach for stress relief and live an hour from Daytona Beach. My best defense has been my cynical and sarcastic nature which allows me to laugh to myself and colleagues over the stupid things and people we sometimes have to deal with. But leave nursing, NO, I can't do that. --Paul
  11. by   renerian
    Paul that sounds like a good way to live your nursing life and manage your career.......

  12. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Renerian....OMgoodness...I am sorry I just now read this thread, and was not there to support you. {{{{{{HUGZ}}}}}

    I am glad you got the heck away from that horrible place. Would you please PM me or email the name of the place? As we live close enough to each other, I want to make sure none of my other friends go there to work. I worked Hospice at my hospital for 18 months and it was wonderful. NOTHING like what you described. I surely would report them to OSHA also!!!

    How do you like the ECF where you are now? Please stay in nursing! You seem so kindhearted and skillful, that it would be a shame to have this poor excuse of a hospice ruin your life and take away from patients a very loving nurse.

    {{{{Love & Peace}}}}}

  13. by   renerian
    Debby actually my orientation was stopped right in the middle. State walked in , SDC walked out so they said it will be a month before anyone can do it..........

    I am out interviewing again.....