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I have never in my life seen so many cockroaches in a place of business! I work in a huge and OLD hospital and I have seen cockroaches in the halls, locker room, stairwell, medication room and... Read More

  1. by   EmmaG
    I'm with you... I have a genuine phobia when it comes to bugs. I go into a near-panic attack.

    You're far stronger than I am; I would have already quit.
  2. by   SuesquatchRN
    Doesn't JCAHO have something to say about this?

    As for what I say,

    Ew ew ew.

  3. by   imenid37
    The Health Department came to visit us a few months ago. Our hospital is very clean. I have worked at several places and although our place is not totally perfect, it is very clean. Still DOH found a corner in a janotor closet w/ some mold and made us fix it and dust in a storeage room. I can't believe that a giant pest trap doesn't get dinged. I will say I once worked in the inner city and we did have trouble w/ pests although the hospital constantly cleaned and sprayed, etc. Trouble was, it was all around us in adjacent buildings. Trash in the alleys around the hospital attracted rats (which I saw around, but never in the hospital). I saw plenty of roaches, including one crawling on a marble statue in the very beautiful lobby. I think in that situation too, we often had patients bringing pests in from their homes or homeless living situations. It is one thing to see them once in awhile (YUK), but quite another to see large numbers routinely(no excuse). I am with those who say call the DOH and go work somewhere else. How awful.
  4. by   smk1
    Quote from Emmanuel Goldstein
    I'm with you... I have a genuine phobia when it comes to bugs. I go into a near-panic attack.

    You're far stronger than I am; I would have already quit.
    I am panicking just reading this thread! I never even thought about bugs being in a supposedly sterile type environment like a hospital. I also just apparently am being naive thinking I would avoid dealing with that type of stuff by staying out of home and community health. GROSS! and the rats are dangerous!
  5. by   banditrn
    Quote from raynefall
    Nope, not if there are roaches in it. If I come across a picture of one online I start bawling. It is a true fear and I don't care to see them..... I get enough of them at work.

    We get alot of homeless patients and I have no doubt they bring most of them in. I heard they're almost impossible to get rid of, I hope that isn't true. It seems like regular pest control won't even begin to touch the problem.
    You poor thing!! Bugs don't bother me - but I respond like that to birds!! Pictures don't upset me - and I'm OK outside if they're around - just not too close - but let one get in my house, and I'm a screaming hysteric!!

    One of my son's lives in the country on a small acreage and has chickens and geese. One time he bought this rotten turkey - supposedly to fatten for Thanksgiving - well, the damn thing got HUGE! I pulled up to visit one day, and it met me at the car - I wouldn't get out - had to honk the horn for someone to come out and chase it off.
    He never did kill it - it got to be his 'buddy', and he couldn't bear to!
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