CNA's pay

  1. Hi, I wanted to post a thread for CNA's (and PCT's)

    1. City and State (that you work)
    2. CNA/pct 1, 2, or 3
    3. Hospital, nursing home (area worked)
    4. How long have you been there
    5. Pay per hour

    Hope this is FUN!!
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  3. by   GAstudent
    1. Northwest, GA
    2. CNA/PCT 1
    3. LTC
    4. 6 plus months
    5. 10.07/hr
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    1. Southern California
    2. I'm no longer a CNA. Information from friends
    3. Hospital registry/ private duty in the home
    4. 10 weeks to 8 years
    5. (A. Registry $ 11 to 14.00/hr. Takes a day off at will. Works hard, staff love her.
    (B. private duty in the home of a rich Beverly Hills family $1,00.00 for a 10 hour a day 5 day week. One alert patient needing mobility assistance, hygiene, and feeding. She takes patient to movies and restaurants in limo, Patient sits in wheelchair and watches her swim in the pool, she says the patient is pleasant and treats her like a daughter. She used to work med/surg with us now LOVES this job! Also patient takes naps. She is not asked to cook or do housework.
  5. by   GAstudent
    I need to find someone like that..LOL
  6. by   udontwannabme
    1. Southern Indiana
    2. CNA
    3. Hospital/Med-surg
    4. Four months
    5. $8.00 hr.

    My pay isn't that great, but most of the time the pt load is small, the nurses are great and It's only 6 miles from home.
    I knew when I did 2 weeks clinical at a nursing home, that I would not, could not handle the emotional stress involved with getting attached to the residents, or knowing that I was not able to give them the care and time that they needed. If I went into LTC I could make up to $18 hr.
  7. by   RainbowzLPN
    1. Central Pa
    2. CNA
    3. Hospital/ med-surg
    4. 1 year tomorrow
    5. $8.50/hr
  8. by   itsme
    The cna where i work in LTC start at around 12 and after 5 years top off at about 14.80 per hour. every other weekend, and you work on a holiday if it is your regular day to work. Double pay for holidays.
  9. by   Ortho_RN
    1. Northwest Arkansas
    2. PCA
    3. Hospital.. Orthopaedics
    4. a year in May
    5.$12.20 evening shift
  10. by   Hellllllo Nurse

    I'm an RN, but where I work they start LPNs at only $10./hr. cost of living is high in my area, too.

    The PCTs start at $7./hr.

    I think ALL of the direct pt care staff is underpaid where I work.
  11. by   rebel_red
    1. Lovely Cape May County, NJ
    2. CNA
    3. LTC
    4. 6 mos
    5. 10.03 per hour w/o bennies
  12. by   BABNRS
    Info from co-workers who are CNA's
    1. South Mississippi
    2. CNA
    3. MED/Surg
    4. 6 months
    5. 8.50/hr base rate + $1.25 weekend diff
  13. by   pokey sn
    When I first started CNA in 1995 I was getting $9.40 in LTC. Now, it is as follows:
    1. Connecticut
    2. CNA
    3.Rehab hospital
    4.less than one year
    5.$12.89 base, $16.67 with differentials.

    CNA's are underpaid (I live in an Income tax state with a high cost of living). We kill our backs and have very little say in policy, get absolutely no respect. Yet we continue because we love our patients, and we do make a difference. Still I wish we had a little more respect and we were listened to. We are not dummies. We have aspirations like everyone else. I won't vent here. I just can't wait until I am a nurse!!! only one more year
  14. by   GAstudent
    My pay should go up in the next few months. I will end up with almost 14$ an hour. They also help to pay for my school and they pay for my benefits but I have to pay for my family.