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  1. by   Davey Do
    I was once wearing my black scrubs and stuck a blank patient label on my T-shirt.

    People started treating me with a little more respect! Well, people who don't know me, anyway.

    I began to feel different! And, I started to act different!

    Sort of like a Deacon DJ!
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  2. by   Davey Do
    There's a new line of scrubs being put out by a guy, like Calvin Klein, whose name is Vic Tim.

    The scrubs come with preprinted bull's eye on the back, a "kick me" sign on the behind, and "feelings" on the sleeves!
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  3. by   needlesmcgeeRN
    At my job, I can dress business casual or scrubs, so when I am too lazy to figure out what to wear, I have a supply of teal tops and black scrub pants from my first nursing job which required color-coded scrubs, as well as a couple of other scrub tops (pink, grey), so I'll throw on a set of scrubs. It is so much easier to get dressed in the mornings.
  4. by   nars_wannabe
    Right on Nurse Davey Do...
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    An advantage on the job and off, eh nars_wannbe?
  5. by   Davey Do
    Quote from needlesmcgeeRN
    At my job, I can dress business
    And your avatar looks good in business attire, needlesmcgeeRN!
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