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  1. hey guys! life has been beautiful, i have truly been blessed and have have so much to share that i dont know where to start. well for starters i started my new job and love it and everybody there! i have been doing good in school and cant wait for the semeser to end. i got my learners permit and have been learning how to drive and ...... my uncle gave me his old car (1991 pontiac sunbird!!!!!!) so exicted :hatparty:
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  3. by   jemommyRN
    That's good girl. Get on that road and don't hit nobody!
  4. by   unknown99
    Quote from jemommy
    That's good girl. Get on that road and don't hit nobody!

    And as my momma used to tell me...."Make sure you have on clean underwear before you leave. You never know when you might get in a fender bender.!"

  5. by   jnette
    Glad to hear things are working out well for you ! Love to hear ppl sounding happy. Enjoy the good things as they come your way... and keep up the good work !
  6. by   plumrn
    I can feel your joy, and am happy for you!!
  7. by   warrior woman
    WTG my girl!! Keep up the good work, and I'm thrilled for ya!!
  8. by   boggle
    Happy, Happy, Happy for you! So glad you found a job that fits! Best of luck to you. Keep up with the studies.